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Real estate lawyers need to work quickly and accurately to help their clients through some of the biggest transactions of their lives.

When the stakes are high and the cases are fast-paced, you need software that can keep up. Support your clients through their real estate transactions with TimeSolv’s full-featured trust accounting that makes purchasing property a breeze.

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  • Keep Real Estate Matters Organized and on Track

    By using project management tools to track all the relevant deadlines, details, and tasks for real estate transactions and cases, you’ll stay organized and flexible so you can close cases as efficiently as possible.

    Legal document management Legal document management

    Leverage client and matter information stored within TimeSolv to draft agreements, discovery requests, motions, and more. With TimeSolv, confidential information stays secure—and with Quick View, there’s no need to download Social Security numbers, account numbers, or other sensitive client data to multiple devices.

    Deadline and budget management

    Set reminders for key deadlines for your closings to keep your projects moving in a timely manner. Track your budget in real-time against your time entries, choose to authorize overtime or limit billable hours, and keep all employees looped into the budget progress of the client’s matter.

    Process automation  

    Automate subsequent tasks and critical date follow-ups, email communications with clients, and document creation. Digitized automation can transform your real estate clients’ experience to save costs and increase profitability for your legal practice.

    Learn more about TimeSolv’s document management tools
  • Manage Funds for Real Estate Transactions

    When dealing with large sums of money for real estate transactions, getting paid quickly when the deal closes is important for real estate law firms.

    With TimeSolv, you can manage your clients’ funds so their cases can move along smoothly.

    Get paid faster with TimeSolvPay

    With next-day funding and email invoices with combined payment links, you get paid faster with TimeSolvPay. TimeSolvPay accepts credit card and ACH payments, both online and in-person.  

    Increase client convenience

    TimeSolvPay features a portal that offers you instant visibility into deposits. You enjoy a flat processing fee rate, no matter what kind of card is used, with no monthly fees and no hidden costs.

    Easily manage funds in escrow

    Easily manage funds held in escrow for real estate transactions with TimeSolv. Our legal accounting software makes tracking transactions, generating trust ledger reports, and executing reconciliations easier for compliant accounting.

    Learn more about TimeSolvPay
  • Increase Profitability and Grow Your Real Estate Law Firm

    When you deal with large cases and multiple transactions, being able to scale operations without impacting client satisfaction is crucial. TimeSolv can help you leverage efficient internal processes to keep your clients happy and your firm growing.

    Track time easily

    Recording every minute means more revenue for your real estate law firm. TimeSolv time tracking software is designed to track time as you work, meaning that you don’t spend time later on billing.

    Get paid faster and more accurately

    With flexible billing templates, split billing, and batch invoices, TimeSolv can get your bills out faster so your real estate law firm can remain profitable—and your clients never have reason to question an invoice.  

    Empower your clients with a client portal

    With our secure client portal, clients can independently view invoices, payment histories, trust balances, and details of work in progress, allowing you to focus on other (billable) areas of your business.

    Learn more about TimeSolv’s invoicing software
  • Benefits of TimeSolv for Real Estate Law Firms

    The best real estate law software will help your legal practice support your clients through their major transactions while increasing your efficiency and productivity.

    Better client communication

    TimeSolv makes it secure and convenient for your clients to access information about their cases, pay bills, and see their payment history to keep them looped into the progress of their matters.

    Efficient use of resources

    When you streamline invoicing, time tracking, and other administrative tasks, your firm will have more time to allocate to billable work. TimesSolv’s robust reporting features support decisions that improve internal productivity and profitability so you can scale to support more client cases.

    Built-in safeguards to prevent compliance violations

    Data entry errors can directly impact your clients' transactions. TimeSolv offers multiple layers of protection against human errors, which may decrease the possibility of malpractice claims.


The Right Tools for Every Profession

As a professional in your field, you know the importance of having the right tools to get the job done efficiently and accurately. TimeSolv offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of professionals and businesses to manage projects, track progress in real-time, send invoices and record payments


Easily breaking your business down per user, client, task, frequency, and more, means bringing new clarity to your work.


Accountants who bill by the hour appreciate the task and project planning capabilities TimeSolv offers.


Freelancers need the best expense management and reporting software to thrive. Attach credit card or cash receipts with ease either online or with your mobile device.

PR Firms

Tracking time accurately provides important insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects.

Mac Firms

TimeSolv was designed for firms that are used to products that work seamlessly from one device to another.

Try TimeSolv for Free at Your Real Estate Law Firm

Your clients count on you to keep their cases moving forward quickly so they can meet their closing deadlines. With TimeSolv, you can create internal efficiency and streamline client communication to keep your real estate clients’ cases well organized.

Frequently Asked Questions for Real Estate Law Firms


  • Time and expense tracking
  • Bill creation and invoicing
  • Collections and payment
  • Trust accounting
  • Reporting and analytics

Legal billing software like TimeSolv streamlines the legal billing process, making these essential but tedious tasks easier to manage.

Legal billing software stands out from generic billing and time management software because it provides functionalities that support law firm operations—such as tracking billable time and expenses and assigning LEDES and UTBMS billing codes.

Moreover, legal-specific billing software safeguards against compliance risks, particularly when it comes to trust accounting, which requires diligence in how funds are transferred into and out of client trust accounts.

What is real estate law software?

Real estate law software offers tailored features to lift the administrative load of case management for real estate attorneys, so you can spend more time representing your clients and closing deals for them. 

How does real estate law software help attorneys?

Real estate law software helps attorneys:

  • Keep projects on track and on budget by using project management features
  • Increase client communication and transparency with streamlined and automated follow-ups, along with a client portal where clients can securely access their information without having to contact the firm
  • Lift the burden of administrative tasks so attorneys can spend more time working on client matters and reclaim their billable hours
  • Keep payments on track and secure
How do I choose the right real estate law software?

Choosing the right real estate law software can be complex. Make sure to choose one that:

  • Is flexible enough to fit the needs of your firm and your clients
  • Supports your existing tech stack
  • Offers a variety of features to manage your time, finances, and documents, such as:
    • Time and expense tracking
    • Billing and invoicing
    • Document management
    • Project management
    • Client portal
    • Online payments
    • Trust accounting
    • And more
Does TimeSolv support flat fee billing for real estate law?
Yes, TimeSolv supports flat fee billing for real estate law. Our software even includes a matter estimate option to ensure your flat fees are profitable.

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