Mass Torts Law

Mass torts litigation attorneys navigate intricate landscapes of multifaceted cases. With the burden of vast amounts of data, coordinating with multiple plaintiffs, and handling extensive evidence, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

TimeSolv empowers you to deliver exceptional representation in even the most intricate mass torts cases. With advanced document automation, a secure client portal, and comprehensive project management tools, we streamline your operations to maximize your time and litigation budget.

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  • Flexible time-tracking categories

    Customize your time-tracking categories to fit your practice

    Stop trying to force yourself into other firms’ boxes. Whether it’s client consultations, research, or court appearances, you can create categories that reflect your daily activities, accurately communicating your value to your clients.

    Seamlessly track your billable and non-billable hours

    Maximize your time and litigation budget so you can deliver the best possible results for your clients. With automated time tracking, you can get a bird’s eye view of how you spend each day (and never lose a billable hour again!).

    Track your time anywhere—on any device

    For mass torts lawyers, work isn’t confined to the office. With TimeSolv, you can track your time on the go, ensuring that every billable minute is captured, no matter where your cases take you.

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  • Configurable time entries

    Tailor your time entries to your needs

    Don’t let rigid time entry systems hold you back. With TimeSolv, you can configure your time entries to match the unique needs of your mass torts litigation practice. This flexibility allows you to capture the complexity and value of your work accurately.

    Capture every detail

    With configurable time entries, you can record all the necessary details of your work. Whether it’s a brief consultation or an extensive research session, TimeSolv ensures that every aspect of your work is accounted for, providing a comprehensive record of your efforts.

    Improve accuracy and transparency

    Configurable time entries means more accurate billing and greater transparency for your clients. By detailing your work, you can better communicate the value you provide, enhancing client trust and satisfaction.

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  • Customizable matter plans

    Plan your cases with precision

    Every mass tort matter is unique. With TimeSolv’s customizable matter plans, you can outline your strategy for each case, ensuring that you stay organized and focused throughout the litigation process.

    Stay on track

    Customizable matter plans allow you to set milestones and deadlines, helping you keep your cases on track. With a clear roadmap, you can ensure timely progress and avoid last-minute surprises and time crunches.

    Enhance team collaboration

    With a shared matter plan, your team can stay aligned on case objectives and tasks. This collaborative approach can improve efficiency, reduce miscommunication, and foster a more cohesive team environment.

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The Right Tools for Every Profession

As a professional in your field, you know the importance of having the right tools to get the job done efficiently and accurately. TimeSolv offers a comprehensive set of features that cater to the needs of professionals and businesses to manage projects, track progress in real-time, send invoices and record payments


Easily breaking your business down per user, client, task, frequency, and more, means bringing new clarity to your work.


Accountants who bill by the hour appreciate the task and project planning capabilities TimeSolv offers.


Freelancers need the best expense management and reporting software to thrive. Attach credit card or cash receipts with ease either online or with your mobile device.

PR Firms

Tracking time accurately provides important insights to all PR professionals for budgeting and bidding on new fixed-fee projects.

Mac Firms

TimeSolv was designed for firms that are used to products that work seamlessly from one device to another.

Try TimeSolv for Free at Your Mass Torts Law Firm

Navigating the complexities of mass torts litigation requires a powerful ally. TimeSolv is in your corner. It’s designed to streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance client service. But don’t just take our word for it—try it for yourself.

Sign up for a demo to see TimeSolv in action, or start your free trial today. Discover how TimeSolv can transform your mass torts practice, one case at a time. Start your journey toward greater efficiency and profitability with TimeSolv.


Frequently Asked Questions for Mass Torts Law


  • Time and expense tracking
  • Bill creation and invoicing
  • Collections and payment
  • Trust accounting
  • Reporting and analytics

Legal billing software like TimeSolv streamlines the legal billing process, making these essential but tedious tasks easier to manage.

Legal billing software stands out from generic billing and time management software because it provides functionalities that support law firm operations—such as tracking billable time and expenses and assigning LEDES and UTBMS billing codes.

Moreover, legal-specific billing software safeguards against compliance risks, particularly when it comes to trust accounting, which requires diligence in how funds are transferred into and out of client trust accounts.

How can TimeSolv help with the complexities of mass torts litigation?
TimeSolv is designed to handle the unique challenges of mass torts litigation. With features like flexible time-tracking categories, configurable time entries, and customizable matter plans, our software can streamline your operations, improve efficiency, and enhance client service.
Can TimeSolv handle the large volume of data associated with mass torts cases?
Absolutely. TimeSolv’s robust document management tools can handle vast amounts of data, making it easier to manage and access crucial information. Our secure client portal also facilitates efficient and confidential communication, which is essential in mass torts litigation.
How does TimeSolv support collaboration in mass torts cases?
TimeSolv allows you to share notes, tags, document descriptions, and a record of changes to documents in real time. This feature facilitates seamless collaboration with co-counsel, clients, and expert witnesses, keeping everyone aligned on case objectives and tasks.
Can TimeSolv help manage the costs associated with mass torts cases?
Yes. TimeSolv’s project management tools allow you to track expenses, manage budgets, and ensure your firm stays financially healthy. You can also set limits on hours billed for certain tasks to stay on budget.
How can I try TimeSolv for my mass torts litigation practice?
You can start a free trial of TimeSolv or schedule a demo to see just how TimeSolv provides solutions for the challenges faced by your mass torts practice. Experience the power of TimeSolv in managing your cases, tracking your time, and improving your profitability.

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