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Simple & Easy Legal Billing & Time Tracking Software for PC Users

Easy time and expense entry. Batch bill clients and receive payment online, Manage projects and clients from any device, any time, online or offline.


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The Best Online Legal Time Tracking & Billing Software for PC Users 

TimeSolv works seamlessly across PC and Android devices, letting you organize your billables wherever and whenever you like.

In our on-the-move, entrepreneurial society, where working from a single desk or even office is increasingly a thing of the past, it’s important for professionals to be able to have the most PC-optimized time management and invoicing software they can get.

6-month money back guarantee!

If for any reason, you are unsatisfied with TimeSolv after 6 months as an active user, we'll refund your money.

*Must have completed our Essentials Training with a TimeSolv Success Manager


Premium Time Tracking Capability

TimeSolv’s time tracking features allow you to track time anywhere on any device, regardless if you’re online or off. Easily see at a glance time entered by day, week and month


Store client payment information and run payment for sent invoices in batch. Get paid on YOUR schedule, meaning zero AR on your books.


Make Trust Accounting Easy

Set up multiple trust accounts, show balances on invoices and in your trust reports. Replenish your trust account within TimeSolv.


Integrated Billing & Invoicing

ABA task codes, UTBMS (Uniform Task-Based Management Systme), Chubbs LEDES1998B and litigation advisor formats available for your online legal billing.

Hourly Rate Flexibility

Choose the hourly rate by task, by matter, by client, by timekeeper. We have numerous options and the flexibility you need.


Manage Conflict Checks

Search for related parties and quickly find conflicts before they become an issue.

Your Practice Data Available Anywhere At Anytime

Enter time and access your data from your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Android device. With our TimeSolv Mobile App or TimeSync Desktop Application you don't even have to be online to enter time.

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