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Free Legal Billing Software for Public Service Organizations

See How TimeSolv is Working With Different Organizations to Fulfill its Social Corporate Responsibility

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Free Legal Billing Software for Public Service Organizations

Organizations which qualify for using the software at no cost must be a 501(c)3 organization and their services must be provided for free.

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TimeSolv is an industry leader for web-based legal billing and time management solution. It is the best billing solution for attorneys and other professionals since 1999. Almost 20 years of experience means we have evolved to create a tailor-made product with all the tools to help your business strive in profitability and efficiency.

As a business promoting positive morale, we don’t want to keep this success all for ourselves. We connect with social action organizations who need our tools to implement their services for the greater good.

Our entire product is structured to make the lives of attorneys easier for them, and we understand that this positive impact can make a difference to other causes and organizations.

Charity Organizations

Non-Profit Social Welfares

TimeSolv believes in successful businesses uniting with public service organizations to benefit society. Together, we can address the various scales of demand for justice and contribute towards economic and social values. TimeSolv’s philosophy is when you fund towards the greater good of your community, and the world as a whole, you work towards creating something of value with morals and principles beyond a simple business to business service.

One of these public service organizations that TimeSolv has had the honor of working with for over a decade is the Shelter Partnership, where we offer our services free of cost to an organization working towards addressing the causes of homelessness. Our positive team morale drives our aspirations to make a leading difference for the greater good of humanity.

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Organizations which qualify for using the software for free has to be a 501(c)3 company and their services must be provided for free.*

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