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Tip of the Week: Recurring Time Entries

Tip of the Week: Recurring Time Entries

Drum roll please…. We’ve done it again! TimeSolv has another feature out to help our users continue to save time with our evolving tools. This time, we’ve come up with a way of setting up recurring Time Entries. This minimizes the occurrence of errors and omissions...
Tip of the Week: Recurring Time Entries

Tip of the Week – Track Time Anywhere

TimeSolv’s priority is to find solutions that save you time and increase your workflow efficiency. That’s why we have a few solutions for you to be able to track Time and Expense wherever you are, any device, any time, and even if you are offline. This Tip of the Week...
Tip of the Week: LexShare & LexSign Integration

Tip of the Week: Recurring Expenses

The convenience of recurring expenses is obvious; it saves a lot of time for attorneys to be able to charge clients for routine charges through a recurring expense set up for agreed services, and it’s a reassuring way of improving your cash flow while speeding...