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Tip of the Week: How to do a Hard Refresh

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

1 min read
If you find you can’t enter time on the Time Entry page, or see your time on the Time Entry calendar, you may need to do a hard browser refresh! A hard refresh clears your browser cache for a specific page, which forces it to load the most recent version of that page. It can be necessary to go through this process if you’re finding yourself with an unusual issue on a browser page. Clicking the ‘Refresh’ arrow on your browser address bar is not a hard refresh. Here’s how you can clear your cache through a hard refresh on any browser:
Click your cursor anywhere in the TimeSolv application. Clicking Control + F5 should work for most browsers. After clearing your cache, restart the browser. Let us know if you need further assistance.

If you’d like to contact TimeSolv support for help, please call 1.800.715.1284 or schedule a FREE 30-minute session now!


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