Using our AutoMail feature

Tip of the Week: Using the AutoMail feature

Written by Scott Clasen

1 min read

Today’s Tip of the Week looks at a feature that you probably view every time you review and send draft invoices, but maybe have never considered. It’s hidden in plain sight, if you will. Our AutoMail option is something more firms perhaps should consider.

When viewing your draft invoices, you see three options in how to send. You can print, email or send via AutoMail (see below). Most firms either select to email or print. But there is one problem with printing the invoices because you’re not done yet. You then must manually fold, insert, stamp and mail that invoice.

TimeSolv offers a solution. The AutoMail option allows you to choose to have us send the invoices for you in the mail. We employ a third-party service that does the folding, inserting, stamping and mailing. The cost is $1.49 per invoice.

You may find that when you crunch the numbers, it’s more cost effective to use our AutoMail service than one of your attorneys or paralegals spending their valuable time with manual work like this.

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