Clio Pricing and Reviews vs. Alternatives and Competitors Software

Last updated: June 29, 2021


Clio pricing, reviews, and features compared against top competitors.


Clio offers a complete legal management package. The system is designed to provide all the tools that run a law firm, from intake to invoice.

Clio is a powerful, easy-to-use, cloud-based legal case management software. Their product offers everything you need to run a law practice, providing features to manage cases, clients, documents, bills, calendars, time tracking, reporting, and accounting.

However, many firms have found their invoicing lacks the sophistication needed to handle complicated billing requirements. While Clio has a wide variety of features, many firms report only using a fraction of their offerings, meaning they are paying for tools they never use.

TimeSolv provides the industry-leading legal time tracking and billing software and focuses on the needs of attorneys. Compared to Clio, you will find more value with TimeSolv.

Clio Reviews

lio Reviews Clio Reviews
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Features Comparable
No Ratings
Trust Pilot
Terms Annual and Monthly Options Annual and Monthly Options
Annual Cost* $431.52 $468
* Based on one user license
Note: Clio hasn’t been reviewed by Trust Pilot which is why their rating is not shown in the table.

TimeSolv Review

Developed in 1999 by Thomson Reuters Elite Online Solutions before becoming privately owned in 2006, TimeSolv has created an industry-leading process to convert data from any legacy-based system and move it to TimeSolv including Timeslips.

Clio Review

Clio is cloud-based, mobile-friendly case management software built specifically for the legal profession. Clio was launched in 2008 by lifelong friends Jack Newton and Rian Gauvreau with the goal of delivering cloud-based legal technologies that improve the quality of practice for lawyers around the world.

Clio Pricing

The pricing structure for TimeSolv is fairly simple compared to Clio, which offers a multitude of plans. Compare the pricing details below and view our pricing tool here to see volume discounts.
Clio Pricing Clio Pricing Clio Pricing
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Get started cost Free Trial

(30-Days Free Trial)

Free Trial

(7-Days Free Trial)

Monthly cost $39.95/mo. $49/mo
Onboarding Free Free
Price Transparency Yes Yes
Unlimited Clients and Matters Yes Yes
Unlimited Document Storage Yes Yes
Free Training Yes Yes
TimeSolv is great! The easiness of it. When you do have a problem, customer service is great. The price is affordable.
Christine Carima

The Law Office of Christine Carima.

TimeSolv vs. Clio – Key Features

See why TimeSolv is the #1 alternative to Clio when it comes to legal billing software. Compare all the features that are most relevant to your business.
TimeSolv vs. Clio - Key Features TimeSolv vs. Clio - Key Features TimeSolv vs. Clio - Key Features
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Total 19/19 10/19
Clients Unlimited Unlimited
Matters Unlimited Unlimited
Cloud Storage Unlimited Unlimited
Reports ✔ ✔
Client Portal ✔ ✔
Track Time Offline ✔ No
Mobile App ✔ ✔
Document Management ✔ ✔
NetDocuments & Dropbox Integration ✔ ✔
Advanced Document Automation ✔ No
Conflict Management ✔ ✔
Project Management ✔ No
Matter Budgeting ✔ No
Advanced Data Services ✔ No
Custom Fields ✔ No
LawPay Integration ✔ ✔
QuickBooks Online Integration ✔ No
Advanced Reporting Features ✔ No

TimeSolv is an excellent, simple to use time-entry and invoicing system with good customer support. TimeSolv is intuitive and easy to use. The program opens to the time-entry page. Entering time and generating invoices is quick and simple

Gary Horowitz

HCH Legal, LLC

Legal Billing Features

Compare Clio’s legal billing features to TimeSolv’s. As you can see in the table below, TimeSolv outperforms Clio in key areas with the key billing features law firms need.

Legal Billing Features Legal Billing Features Legal Billing Features
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Total 5/5 4/5
UTBMS/LEDES Billing ✔ No
Calendar Management ✔ ✔
Expense Tracking ✔ ✔
Time Tracking ✔ ✔
Hourly Billing ✔ ✔

It does exactly what I need. I am a very small firm. Only two people in my office. I previously used Timeslips and then Chaos Legal. TimeSolv does the job exactly as needed. It has abbreviations (snippets) that are excellent.

Caleb Donner

Donner & Donner

Legal Document Management Features

Compare the legal document management features of TimeSolv with Clio. See how Clio compares in key areas of access control and document tagging. Find an alternative to Clio for key document management features that are important to you.

Legal Document Management Features Legal Document Management Features Legal Document Management Features
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Total 5/5 4/5
Archiving & Retention ✔ ✔
Collaboration ✔ ✔
Advanced Document Automation ✔ No
Document Tagging ✔ ✔
Version Control ✔ ✔

Timesolv User. The timekeeping function is great and helps me keep track of all my time. I like how easy it is to track my monthly billing.

Timesolv User.

Comparison of User Satisfaction

Compare the user satisfaction ratings between Clio and a top competitor. Based on findings from G2Crowd, a third party independent review site, comparing TimeSolv to Clio.

Comparison of User Satisfaction Comparison of User Satisfaction Comparison of User Satisfaction
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Overall 89% 87.4%
Meets Requirements 88% 87%
Ease of Use 90% 87%
Ease of Setup 88% 86%
Ease of Admin 89% 88%
Ease of Doing Business With 90% 89%

A huge time saver. Ease of use, clean interface, and amazing tech support; very responsive company. I love using TimeSolv.

Robert DiCarlo

Robert DiCarlo, Ph.D., PLLC

Integration Comparison

Integration options are very important when considering a legal billing software. Compare the integration options in Clio vs TimeSolv.
Integration Comparison Integration Comparison Integration Comparison
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Total 6/6 4/6
LawPay ✔ ✔
Xero Accounting ✔ ✔
QuickBooks Online ✔ No
Net Documents ✔ ✔
Dropbox ✔ ✔
AccountEdge ✔ No
TimeSolv is powerful enough to meet my needs, but simple enough to be easy to use and understand. I love using TimeSolv.
Todd Dickinson

Fisher & Dickinson

Comparison of Support

Does Clio stand behind the platform with comprehensive and free support? Will Clio support migration from another platform? Check out how Clio alternatives compare in customer support.

Comparison of Support Comparison of Support Comparison of Support
TimeSolv Legal Clio Starter
Total 7/7 6/7
Knowledge Base ✔ ✔
Premium Support ✔ ✔
Priority Technical Support ✔ No
Client Portal ✔ ✔
Email ✔ ✔
Live Chat ✔