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by Industry Leaders

Easy To Use And Affordable Online Billing Since 1999

Pete Thomas

“We have purchased or demoed countless billing solutions in my firm’s multi-year quest to find a better alternative to Timeslips. Clio, Amicus, Bill4Time, Cosmolex, Firm Central, Cosmolex, QuickBooks, eBillity, MyCase, you name it, we tried it. Then we stumbled across TimeSolv. It is outstanding in every way and the simplicity of the user interface has led to ready adoption by everyone in the office and higher usage, and time capturing ratio than we have ever experienced.”

John Floyd Sr.


“I was dreading the move (from Timeslips)…but the move was very efficient. It was done very well.

TimeSolv did an excellent job of making sure that we were pleased with the outcome, and they did a great job following up to make sure that all of our questions were answered.

We’ve cut our billing time down in half and there are a lot fewer processes to go through in the billing.”

Peter Finocchiaro


“For years I’ve been frustrated with the rigidity of Timeslips. TimeSolv solves for all of that in a web-based, easily migrated and intuitive system. A beautiful tether-cutting solution and presents far better dashboard information from the first page. Personal one-on-one, direct, consistent customer service – meaning your own dedicated service professional directly accessible and quickly responsive eliminated any transitional resistance. Seamless transition without any billing cycle delay.”