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Our legal billing features are designed to integrate the work of your entire firm, from office managers and paralegals to senior partners. That’s why TimeSolv is law firm software, and not simply for individual attorneys or managers. With 80% of our clients coming from law firms, TimeSolv understands lawyers’ needs and our software reflects that. You can expect responsive tools to run every department of your law firm efficiently.

Run Payments in Batch

Achieve zero AR by running payment for hundreds of invoices with one click.

Store Payment Information

Use our integration with TimeSolvPay and LawPay to store client payment information.

Record All Payments

Quickly enter payments and credits

The billing software that gets you paid

Redefining invoicing

Batch Invoices

Send all your bills with one click

Adjust Invoice Tools

Make any edits or adjustments right from the draft bill

Flexible Billing Templates

Create individualized bills

Multiple Reports and Formats

31 different reports in 10 formats. We got you covered

Stay on Top of Accounting

Group your Accounts Receivable by client, see lists and invoices

Firm Performance

See how you’re doing on budget vs. billed, who your most profitable timekeeper is and more!

robust reporting

Frequently Asked Questions

What is legal billing software?

Simply put, legal billing software is the tool lawyers use to track their work and expenses, and invoice clients for that work. Because this software was built with the specific intent to track time and expenses, generate bills, handle trust accounting, and take payment, the process is much faster and efficient. The result is more time spent practicing law and less time working on the business.

How much does TimeSolv Legal Billing Software cost?

TimeSolv has a pricing solution for every sized law firm with volume discounts available. Visit our pricing page here to learn more.

Can I use custom invoices with TimeSolv?

TimeSolv allows an infinite number of billing templates that allow you to customize the information you present on every invoice.

Does TimeSolv copy all historical data from my previous billing software?

TimeSolv offers FULL historical conversion for Timeslips, Tabs3, ProLaw, and PCLaw. We can also offer “snapshot” conversions from all over software providers that bring over all your client and matter information, as well as unbilled time and expense entries, and balances for all your clients.

Does this legal billing software work for multiple users in a law firm?

TimeSolv is built for firms of all sizes, meaning we can accommodate hundreds of users at one firm just as easily as the solo practitioner. 

How many integrations work with TimeSolv legal billing software?

TimeSolv integrates with Microsoft 365, QuickBooks (online and desktop versions), Xero Accounting, NetDocuments, Dropbox, and LawPay.

Does TimeSolv legal billing software have a desktop app or an app for Macs?

TimeSolv has a unique TimeSync application that sits on your desktop to allow you to create time and expense entries even when offline or you don’t have a browser window open. The application works for PCs and Macs.

Is there any training provided when using TimeSolv legal biling software for the first time?

TimeSolv provides free training both during the 30-day trial period and for the life of your subscription with TimeSolv.

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More TimeSolv Features


Time Tracking

Record every minute and earn more revenue with 100% accuracy and freedom to access from anywhere



Faster, automatic, tax calculated customized invoices with flexible easy to use templates


We help to forecast the profitability of law firms. Prepare your estimates  and portray trustworthy budget to clients

Expense Tracking

Get rid of manual spreadsheets and control the expenses with organized and manageable approach

Document Management

Secure, reliable and fast document management. Cloud based document automation


31 different reports that cover billable hours, account receivable, expense and performance

Project Management

Plan your work efficiently and accurately and then track in real time


Easily sync your data in both directions from TimeSolv and either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online

Credit Card Processing

Get paid faster with integration between TimeSolv and Affinipay, LawPay and CPACharge

Xero Accounting

Integrate with Xero, the fastest web-based accounting package for small businesses.



Dropbox is a leading cloud-based document management solution the seamlessly integrates with TimeSolv

Net Documents

Sync with NetDocuments, the industry standard for secure, cloud-based document management

Mobile App

Enter time and expense entries while on the go with the TimeSolv mobile app for iPhone and Android

Desktop Widget

Track time and expenses even if offline or your browser isn’t open with our unique TimeSync Application

Outsourced Legal Billing

Our unique service does the billing and invoicing for you so you can do the work you love

Automatic Data Backup

State-of-the-art hosting and options to provide backups on the schedule you designate

Data Conversion

TimeSolv are the experts when it comes to converting data from old legacy systems

Used by businesses worldwide

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