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Key Harrington Barnes migrates all Timeslips data to TimeSolv

A labor and employment law firm in Dallas, Texas, Key Harrington Barnes employs 12 attorneys and support staff.

The very first billing cycle with TimeSolv showed the immediate benefits of switching. "I've definitely received really good feedback from the attorneys," says Porter. "They like the layout of the invoices compared to Timeslips and I've gotten good feedback from our clients regarding that too."

The partners are also enthusiastic. "They're very excited about using TimeSolv!" exclaimed Porter. "They wanted to be able to track their own time and now they have that. They're already using the mobile app, they've downloaded the desktop app. They are really enjoying being able to enter their time and see how much they're billing for the month."

This is how they do it with TimeSolv.

The Situation

When Kimberly Porter started at Key Harrington Barnes several months ago, she realized immediately that Timeslips was not the answer for their billing and timekeeping needs. "I did not find Timeslips to be very user friendly, it wasn't as sophisticated as the previous billing software that I used at my last firm. I also felt that it was outdated and not a very efficient billing software program."

Key Harrington Barnes had been using Timeslips for the past 13 years and one big fear was the ability to move all that historical data into a new system.

The lawyers at the firm also travel a great deal and needed a way to easily track time and expenses while on the go.

About Key Harrington Barnes

Key Harrington Barnes is Based in Dallas, Texas, they help employers all over the nation with a variety of employment law issues, including those involving unions and the government. Key Harrington Barnes are exceptional trial lawyers with considerable experience in employment litigation, but they prefer to help you find ways to prevent these conflicts from occurring in the first place.

Key Harrington Barnes had been using Timeslips for their billing and timekeeping needs for the past 13 years and one big fear was the ability to move all that historical data into a new system.

The lawyers at the firm also travel a great deal and needed a way to easily track time and expenses while on the go.

  • Company: Key Harrington Barnes, P.C
  • Website: www.keyharrington.com
  • Industry: Legal
  • Customer Since: May 2017
  • Team Size: 8
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    About TimeSolv

    TimeSolv helps lawyers increase their billable time and get paid faster. We are the most comprehensive, yet easy-to-use cloud legal billing software proven since 1999 with over $5.3 billion billed. We also feature robust project management tools allowing lawyers to establish fixed fees and budget their matters.

    TimeSolv can be used off line and online. Compatible with PCs and Macs, iPad and other tablets, iPhones and Android App. You can also get paid faster with LawPay and Client Portal.

    TimeSolv is used every day by thousands of law firms and other professional service industries like accountants, architects, engineers, and consultants.

    TimeSolv is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota with clients in 15 different countries around the world.

"One of the major concerns that the partners had and why they stayed with Timeslips for such a long time was the fear that data wouldn't be accessible. Once they were assured all the old data would be available in TimeSolv, they were ready to make the move.

- Kimberly Porter
Office Administrator


The Solution

Fortunately, Porter had a solution for billing and timekeeping needs that she knew would work.

“I started using TimeSolv in February 2011 at my previous firm and I loved it and thought it would be good fit for Key Harrington Barnes.”

She knew as a cloudbased program TimeSolv was accessible from any device, at any time, whether online or offline, with the mobile app and TimeSync desktop application.

"You don't need a server, you don't need multiple licenses. It's very user-friendly and the interface is wonderful."

However, there was still the question about all the historical data they'd accumulated over 13 years and could it be accessible and easily moved to a new system?

"It was a major concern of the partners," states Porter. "We scheduled a conference call with TimeSolv to address our fears."

Once they learned that TimeSolv can auto-migrate all the TimeSlips data, the decision was easy.

"With TimeSolv, it took about two days to do edits and get bills out for our attorneys instead of the five or six days with Timeslips.”

TimeSolv Tip

Trust accounting with TimeSolv

Lawyers are made to be accountable for every dollar of their client's funds held in trust accounts. TimeSolv helps you easily manage this money in separate ledgers under each specific matter. This helps ensure that client money does not get mixed up with the firm’s assets.

TimeSolv’s Trust Request feature means you can even share requests online for funds, allowing your clients to make deposits into their trust accounts immediately using credit cards. This process speeds up your cash flow significantly.

The Conversion Process

When things get hectic, simple matters

For many firms, the whole process of converting from one billing and timekeeping solution to another is daunting. Key Harrington Barnes was no different. But TimeSolv works closely with firms every step of the way.

"TimeSolv made it easy to convert because we developed a plan," said Porter. "They helped determine when the best time was for us to stop using Timeslips, when the best time would be to upload data, the best time to review the data and the best time to go live. So there was a process when it came to the conversion that I felt was very efficient and very thorough on TimeSolv's behalf."


Porter concluded by stating why she recommends TimeSolv for other law firms.

"I would recommend TimeSolv because of the customer service and the level of support. I don't think that you will get this level of experience with any other program. They’re accessible via phone, chat, email. They’re very knowledgeable about the program.

The developers have done a really great job and they listen to suggestions and feedback. They're always willing to make improvements to the program and I've can honestly say over the last six years the program just gets better and better.

TimeSolv will help your firm be more efficient in its billing and timekeeping needs."

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