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Effortlessly track your hours with time tracking and billing software designed for the way you work. Make time entries at any time from anywhere—even offline. Easily switch between PC, Mac, mobile devices, and tablets to capture time from any device.

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Manual time tracking leads to lost minutes, and lost minutes lead to less revenue for your business.

TimeSolv’s industry-leading time and billing software is designed to help you capture every minute, without all the hassles that come with manual timekeeping.

Our robust suite of time tracking tools allows your team to:

  • Use timers to capture time as you work—or make time entries at the end of the day
  • Track time from the office or remotely from any device
  • Make time entries offline and keep them synced
  • Understand how your team’s hours are spent with in-depth reporting
  • Create time budgets to keep your projects profitable

The result? Your firm can accurately invoice, stay on budget, and stay profitable.



If you’re unsatisfied with TimeSolv for any reason after six months with an active account, TimeSolv will provide a full refund.
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Better Time Tracking with TimeSolv



Track hours from PC, Mac, and iPhone or Android mobile devices—or switch freely between them with no additional hassle


Track several tasks simultaneously by running multiple timers. Starting one timer will automatically pause another, so you can seamlessly switch between tasks without losing minutes.


TimeSolv lets you track time in the way that’s most convenient for you. Track time using timers as you work—or easily make time entries after the fact.



Create time budgets for tasks and set time limits to stay profitable. Prevent timekeepers from exceeding their budgeted hours for a project.



Keep your time entries accessible and organized. Know at a glance how many hours your timekeepers have tracked by day, week, and month.



Easily track important KPIs with our time entry analytics dashboards. Run in-depth reports to find missing time, track time spent by client, timekeeper, or matter, spot unbilled hours, and more. 


Implement unified language for the entire firm so your timekeepers can save time while making entries.


Using our TimeSolv app, you can track hours even when your browser is closed or you’re offline. Offline entries will be seamlessly synced with TimeSolv’s cloud-based software once you’re online again.

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Trusted by thousands of professionals around the world, TimeSolv has been a leader in time tracking, billing, and management solutions for businesses since 1999.

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Time Tracking Software FAQ

What is time tracking software?

Many professionals still track time the old-fashioned way, using a pen and a notebook. But manual time tracking isn’t just a hassle—it’s a surefire way to lose track of valuable minutes. Lost minutes add up to hours over the course of a month, and that means inaccurate invoices, difficulties budgeting effectively, and a significant amount of lost revenue.

A time tracking software eliminates this issue by making it easier—and faster—to accurately track your time. The right software will allow your timekeepers to track time as they work with the click of a button and even run multiple timers at once, so they can switch seamlessly between tasks without losing track of valuable minutes.

Tracking time with cloud-based software also makes it easier to track your time from anywhere.

In today’s flexible work environment, your timekeepers may often work from home or while traveling. Using traditional methods, they’ll have to either jot down their hours in a notebook as they work or try to remember their hours when they get back to the office. A time tracking software can allow them to immediately make time entries anywhere and from any device, so they can conveniently capture their hours no matter where they’re working.

Finally, investing in a combined time tracking and billing software saves you administrative time and hassle when it comes to invoicing for your work. Manually entering your tracked hours every time you need to send an invoice is a time-consuming and tedious process, and it also opens you up to the risk of data entry errors and inaccurate invoices. With the right software in place, you can quickly generate accurate invoices directly from your time entries, allowing for quicker invoicing—and quicker payments.

What is the best time tracking software for my business?

For over two decades, TimeSolv has provided best-in-class time & billing software for professionals across a number of industries, including:

  • Legal
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare
  • Design
  • Marketing

TimeSolv also offers in-depth time and billing reports, streamlined payment processing, document management functionalities, and robust integrations with other popular software such as QuickBooks and Office 365.

Designed to meet the needs of both solo practitioners and larger businesses, TimeSolv is built for ease of use and backed up by software support that’s second to none. When you choose to implement TimeSolv for your time tracking and billing needs, you can rest assured that our support team will be there at every step to help you get the most value from our software.

What features should I look for in a time tracking software?

The right time tracking software for your business should do more than just allow you to enter time. All of the following features can help you save time, boost profitability, and bill more accurately for your work.

Digital timers. Built-in timers are one of the easiest ways to track time as you work. A software that allows you to run multiple timers at once can even allow your timekeepers to move quickly between tasks without wasting minutes ending and creating new time entries. And since using a timer isn’t always practical, you should also look for software that makes it easy to generate time entries after the fact.

Ease of use. The harder your time tracking software is to use, the less time you’ll actually save by switching to the new system. Your timekeepers are also less likely to use the software’s full functionalities if they’re frustrated or confused when trying out new features. It’s worth investing in software that prioritizes ease of use and comes with a simple, intuitive interface.

Offline and remote time tracking. Unless your team does all of its work in the office 100% of the time, they’ll benefit from being able to easily track their hours from anywhere. A cloud-based software that’s optimized for mobile devices allows for easy, fast entry of time even when timekeepers are on the go. It’s also worth looking for software that allows for time entries to be made even when the user is offline.

Dashboards and analytics. One of the greatest benefits of switching to a timekeeping software is that it can offer you detailed insights into your timekeepers’ efficiency, your billing realization rates, the average time you’re spending on projects, and more. The right software will offer your business time-tracking dashboards and in-depth reports to help you set time budgets, bill more effectively, and optimize your workflows for better efficiency.

Time budgeting tools. Effectively budgeting your time is key, especially if your business offers flat-fee pricing for services. The right time tracking and billing software should help you calculate profitable matter budgets and set limits on time entries for individual projects.

Invoicing and payments. Once you’ve successfully tracked your time, the next step is to get paid for the work you’ve done. Using a software tool that can also handle your billing and payment processing allows you to move seamlessly from tracking hours to generating accurate invoices and collecting payments. At every step, you’ll save time, reduce administrative work, and improve the speed at which your business collects payments.

Can TimeSolv help my business implement better time management?

Yes—TimeSolv isn’t just designed to help you track your time. It’s also a powerful platform for assessing workflow efficiency and implementing better time management practices.

TimeSolv includes robust reporting and analytics features to help you understand key KPIs, eliminate inefficiencies, and spot unbilled hours. We also allow your business to create matter budgets and set limits on time entries for an individual project.

If a timekeeper attempts to make a time entry that exceeds the time budgeted for a project, they’ll be sent a warning that the project is over budget before they input their time. You can also configure your matter budgets to prevent any time entries from being made in excess of the time budget unless the matter budget is adjusted by the project manager.

This can be especially important for professionals like lawyers and accountants who are offering fixed fee arrangements for their services. In these cases, going over your allotted time budget can quickly lead to unprofitable matters, but TimeSolv can help you ensure that your project stays on track and on budget.

Can I invoice clients through TimeSolv?

TimeSolv isn’t just a time tracking software. It’s also a powerful tool for invoicing and payment processing.

With TimeSolv, you can quickly and easily generate invoices from flexible, customizable templates. You can also prepare invoices by batch and make edits or adjustments directly from the draft bill (no more printing, reviewing, adjusting, and re-printing invoices during prebill).

Invoices can be scheduled to be sent at set times to facilitate recurring payment plans and ensure consistent, timely billing. Once their invoices have been received, your clients can also pay their invoices online directly through TimeSolvPay. TimeSolv makes it a breeze to record and allocate payments and store credit cards for automated recurring payments.

As a time & billing software uniquely suited to the needs of lawyers, we also offer Bar-compliant credit card processing to keep you in line with legal-specific trust accounting requirements.

What other features does TimeSolv offer?

TimeSolv also offers:

  • Over 31 in-depth reporting options to help you track the health and profitability of your business
  • Analytics dashboards that allow you to monitor key KPIs for time tracking, billing, and more at a glance
  • Robust expense tracking and trust accounting tools
  • Task management features
  • Secure document storage and effortless document management
  • A secure client portal that allows your clients to view and pay their invoices and check the status of ongoing work

We also offer seamless integrations with popular accounting, CRM, and document management tools.

What are the benefits of cloud-based time tracking software?

When choosing a time tracking and billing software for your business, you have two options: a cloud-based software or a traditional on-premises software.

On-premises software has traditionally been seen as more secure since documents are only stored locally on your work computers. However, an on-premises software won’t allow your timekeepers to track their time from any device when they’re away from the office. Storing all of your data locally also increases the chances of data loss in the event of an unexpected hardware failure.

By contrast, a cloud-based software like TimeSolv is accessible from any device at any time, even offline. Since your data is stored in the cloud, it’s also automatically backed up if your computer is damaged or you exit the software unexpectedly.

In addition, TimeSolv places a premium on security, so you don’t have to sacrifice data protection for convenience. In fact, TimeSolv has offered cloud-based time and billing solutions for over twenty years without a single security breach.

Will TimeSolv integrate with my other software?

TimeSolv can handle all of your business’s time tracking, billing, and more—but it also integrates with the other software you rely on every day.

To help you handle your accounting, TimeSolv can seamlessly sync with QuickBooks, Xero Accounting, and AccountEdge (previously known as MYOB).

We also offer:

  • A robust integration with Microsoft 365 that allows you to track time from within Outlook. You can track time spent drafting and sending emails and turn calendar events into time entries within TimeSolv.
  • Document sharing integrations with NetDocuments and Dropbox.
  • An integration with Law Ruler: the #1 client relationship management (CRM) tool for law firms. Integrating with Law Ruler gives you access to powerful marketing automation and client intake tools to help you build better relationships with leads and clients.

If you have further questions about these integrations or are ready to get started with them, TimeSolv’s experienced support team is always there to help you with implementation and guide you through the process of syncing your data.

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