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Timeslips pricing, reviews, and features compared against top competitors.


Many, many law firms use Timeslips, a product that’s been around since the 1980s. As a desktop legacy system, Sage has chosen to make it a requirement to upgrade frequently and pay extra for support.

A modern law firm should not be chained to servers sitting in their office. With Timeslips lack of mobility, attorneys are forced to build elaborate and costly VPNs just to access data from anywhere outside their office environment. If you require LEDES task codes for electronic billing Timeslips will charge extra for that privilege. Timeslips also lacks the ability to void any sent invoices, no matter how old, back to draft if edits need to be made.

Simply put, Timeslips’ user interface and feature set have not kept up with technology changes and their business model of forcing expensive upgrades and support packages is antiquated.

With TimeSolv’s exclusive Timeslips Converter Tool, migration from Timeslips has never been easier.

Timeslips Reviews

TimeSolv Reviews


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Features Comparable
No Ratings
Trust Pilot
Terms Annual and Monthly Options Annual Contract Paid Up Front
Annual Cost* $431.40 $860.48
* Based on one user license
Note: Sage Timeslips hasn’t been reviewed by Trust Pilot which is why their rating is not shown in the table.

TimeSolv Review

Developed in 1999 by Thomson Reuters Elite Online Solutions before becoming privately owned in 2006, TimeSolv has created an industry-leading process to convert data from any legacy-based system and move it to TimeSolv including Timeslips.

Timeslips Review

Many, many law firms use Timeslips, a product that’s been around since the 1980s. As a desktop legacy system, Sage has chosen to make it a requirement to upgrade frequently and pay extra for support.

TimeSolv vs. Timeslips – Key Features

See why TimeSolv is the #1 alternative to Timeslips when it comes to legal billing software. Compare all the features that are most relevant to your business.
Timeslips Vs TimeSolv - Key Features Timeslips Vs TimeSolv - Key Features


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Total 17/17 4/21
Document Management/Storage ✔ ✔
Case Management ✔ No
Reimbursement Management ✔ No
Timesheet Management ✔ No
Mobile App ✔ No
Consolidated Invoices ✔ ✔
Online Invoicing ✔ No
Tax Calculator ✔ No
Multi-Currency ✔ No
Retainer Billing ✔ ✔
Project Billing ✔ No
Recurring/Subscription Billing ✔ No
Online Payments ✔ No
Project Tracking ✔ No
Payment Processing ✔ No
Project Management ✔ No

TimeSolv is an excellent, simple to use time-entry and invoicing system with good customer support. TimeSolv is intuitive and easy to use. The program opens to the time-entry page. Entering time and generating invoices is quick and simple.

Gary Horowitz

HCH Legal, LLC

Timeslips Pricing

The pricing structure for TimeSolv is fairly simple offering a multitude of plans. Compare the pricing details below and view our pricing tool here to see volume discounts.

Timeslips Pricing Timeslips Pricing


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Get started cost Free Trial

(30-Days Free Trial)

Free Trial

(15-day Free Trial)

Monthly cost $39.95/mo. Conflicting Information
Onboarding Free Free
Free Version Yes No
Free Upgrades Yes No
Price Transparency Yes No
Free Training Yes Yes
TimeSolv is great! The easiness of it. When you do have a problem, customer service is great. The price is affordable.
Christine Carima

The Law Office of Christine Carima.

Billing and Invoicing Features Comparison

Compare Timeslips’ billing and invoicing features to TimeSolv. As you can see in the table below, TimeSolv outperforms Timeslips in key areas with more robust invoicing and billing features that Timeslips doesn’t have.

TimeSolv Logo Billing and Invoicing Features Comparison


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Total 8/8 2/8
Billing Portal ✔ No
Contact Database ✔ ✔
Customizable Invoices ✔ ✔
Dunning Management ✔ No
Invoice History ✔ No
Contingency Billing ✔ No
Customer Portal ✔ No
Hourly Billing ✔ No

It does exactly what I need. I am a very small firm. Only two people in my office. I previously used Timeslips and then Chaos Legal. TimeSolv does the job exactly as needed. It has abbreviations (snippets) that are excellent.

Caleb Donner

Donner & Donner

Time Tracking Features Comparison

Explore alternatives to Timeslips time tracking features. See how Timeslips compares in key areas, such as automatic time capture, offline time tracking, expense tracking, and more. Find an alternative to Timeslips for key time tracking features that are most important to you.

Time Tracking Features Comparison Time Tracking Features Comparison


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Total 10/10 8/10
Automatic Time Capture ✔ ✔
Billable & Non-Billable Hours ✔ No
Billing & Invoicing ✔ ✔
Employee Database ✔ ✔
Expense Tracking ✔ ✔
Mobile Time Tracking ✔ No
Multiple Billing Rates ✔ ✔
Offline Time Tracking ✔ ✔
Online Time Tracking ✔ ✔
Time per Project Reporting ✔ ✔

The timekeeping function is great and helps me keep track of all my time. I like how easy it is to track my monthly billing.

Timesolv User.

Comparison of User Satisfaction

Compare the user satisfaction ratings between Timeslips and a top competitor. Based on findings from G2Crowd, a third party independent review site, comparing TimeSolv to Timeslips.

Comparison of Ratings Comparison of Ratings


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Overall 87.85% 62.71%
Meets Requirements 88% 77%
Ease of Use 90% 69%
Ease of Setup 88% 64%
Ease of Admin 89% 65%
Quality of Support 89% 59%
Ease of Doing Business With 90% 57%
Product Direction (% positive) 81% 48%

A huge time saver. Ease of use, clean interface, and amazing tech support; very responsive company. I love using TimeSolv.

Robert DiCarlo

Robert DiCarlo, Ph.D., PLLC

Integration Comparison

Integration options are very important when considering a legal billing software. Compare the integration options in Timeslips vs TimeSolv.
Integration Comparison Integration Comparison


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Total 5/5 3/5
LawPay ✔ ✔
Xero Accounting ✔ No
QuickBooks ✔ ✔
Net Documents ✔ No
Dropbox ✔ ✔
TimeSolv is powerful enough to meet my needs, but simple enough to be easy to use and understand. I love using TimeSolv.
Todd Dickinson

Fisher & Dickinson

Comparison of Support

Does Timeslips stand behind the platform with comprehensive and free support? Will Timelsips support migrate you from another platform? Check out how Timeslips alternatives compare in customer support and watch out for extra “support” fees from Timeslips.
Comparison of Support Comparison of Support


TimeSolv Legal Sage Timeslips
Total 7/7 6/7
Knowledge Base ✔ ✔
Account Manager ✔ No
Premium Support ✔ ✔
Client Portal ✔ ✔
Email ✔ ✔
Live Chat ✔ ✔
Phone Support ✔ ✔

Very happy with TimeSolv. Easy to use the platform, very user-friendly, Great Customer Support. I like that I can email bills to the client and they can pay online. The app is great too.

Kate DiGangi


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