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Successful law firms always “put people first” — by paying attention to CRM!

  • People who are prospects today become clients tomorrow.
  • People who are small clients now become bigger clients in the future.
  • Plus, it’s a given that clients who feel valued tend to refer new people to your firm.


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For all these reasons & more, great (not just “good enough”) legal CRM is one of the most effective & efficient ways to grow your practice.

That’s why TimeSolv makes it easy for you to integrate with Law Ruler – so you can take advantage of all the advanced tools the #1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution for legal work.

Marketing Automation

A good prospect is a precious find. Yet sometimes we let them slip through the cracks. Law Ruler won’t let that happen.  Customized, automated messages to every prospect keep your law firm top-of-mind in their world.  And when they are ready to make a decision on representation – they call on you.

First Impressions Matter

They always do – and they are not easily forgotten. A “concierge-level” experience during client intake goes a long way toward creating a smooth, respectful – and lasting – relationship. You may be terrible on first names, minor matter details, or key client concerns. Law Ruler handles all of that perfectly for you — making sure you collect all those details on intake … then keeping them at your fingertips, demonstrating to every client that you take them seriously.

Ongoing Legal CRM

It’s all too easy for clients to feel forgotten – or to forget about all the additional ways you can help them. Delivering the proper level of “care & feeding” for each client is easy with Law Ruler CRM tools. Organize your clients by case type, urgency & other criteria. Law Ruler is built expressly to serve the needs of the modern legal practice & has all the options you need — built-in & ready to go. It’s easy to customize & set up each client, and after that, Law Ruler will automate the right number, frequency, and content of all your ongoing client touches.

The result: Your clients will trust that you are on top of their current active matters — and know that you stand ready to help them with their future legal needs as they arrive.

Use CRM to market effectively to existing legal client

See for Yourself How a Modern Approach to Legal CRM Can Grow Your Business — Automatically!

If you think you don’t have the time to spend on a better law firm CRM – think again. TimeSolv/Law Ruler CRM software takes care of just about everything automatically, in the background. See for yourself. Schedule a personalized demo today!

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