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4 Ways TimeSolv Can Increase Your Law Firm’s Productivity

Written by TimeSolv Support

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If you want to increase your law firm’s productivity, there are several ways you can accomplish this. You could hire more attorneys and support staff, but that can be very expensive. You can have your team work longer hours, but most attorneys and their teams are already working long hours, and clients may not be willing to pay higher bills. Finally, you can use the tools already at your team’s disposal to work smarter, not longer, and deliver higher-quality results to your clients. If your law firm has incorporated TimeSolv, then you already have an incredibly valuable tool you can better use to increase productivity. Here are 4 ways TimeSolv can increase your law firm’s productivity:

1) Use Project Management Tools To Improve Efficiency

Sure, TimeSolv lets attorneys input their time easily from any smartphone, tablet, or laptop, but did you know that you can also use TimeSolv’s project management tools to keep your firm’s work on schedule and within your budget?

By utilizing TimeSolv’s project management features, you can easily assign tasks centrally, and monitor hours billed and work completed anytime and from anyplace. You will be able to see what tasks are taking up excess resources and where attention should be placed, all while keeping an eye on meeting client goals and your firm’s bottom line.

2) Spend Less Time Managing Admin Tasks With Reporting Functions

Attorneys are famous for sprinting 100 miles per hour in the wrong direction, which only causes law firms to hurt productivity while exhausting their talent (and themselves). TimeSolv’s reporting functions allow you to instantly run reports on 25 aspects of your firm’s ongoing finances and productivity, reducing the need for extended analysis and support staff, while giving you the instant tools to effectively and efficiently focus your resources and hours.

3) Streamline the Bill Approval Process

Because it is the lead attorneys who form and maintain ongoing relationships with the clients, it is often those attorneys – whose time is literally the most valuable and in the most demand – that end up having to take the time to spend hours and hours assembling, approving, and then negotiating back-and-forth with the client on what the final bill should include. This is all time that cannot be spent managing cases, achieving results for clients, or bringing in new business. But with TimeSolv’s approval process, you can easily incorporate a simplified bill approval process which managing attorneys, attorneys, administrators, and clients can all work with to make sure that bills are created and approved without errors or delay.

4) Integrate TimeSolv With QuickBooks for Easy Billing

By integrating TimeSolv with QuickBooks, your firm will save time and reduce delay in all aspects of financial matters. You only need to input the relevant information once, and TimeSolv will automatically sync with QuickBooks to keep your employee, client, and other financial information correct and updated with the minimum amount of effort.

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