Legal billing: 8 reasons users rate TimeSolv as the best cost-effective legal billing system

Written by Erika Winston

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With so many legal billing systems on the market, it can be difficult to determine the best option for your legal practice. But user reviews can help you make this important decision. The Capterra legal billing system reviews demonstrate why TimeSolv time tracking and legal billing software consistently ranks among the top platforms.

I looked over the customer comments to see what’s being said about the platform. Below are eight statements that come directly from actual TimeSolv users to explain why it is the best cost-effective legal billing system.

  1. “TimeSolv’s customer support is excellent. Every time I’ve had to call for support, I’ve ended up learning a new function of TimeSolv from the rep helping me.”
    TimeSolv is committed to providing excellent customer service. The Knowledge Base includes answers to frequently asked questions, along with task tutorials and a new user guide. The service is available online 24-7 at no additional charge.

    With online meetings, users can schedule times for consultations with TImeSolv experts to address specific questions or concerns. Innovative screen sharing helps users walk away with a clear understanding of the TimeSolv platform.

  1. “The ability to attach receipts to expense charges is a bonus.”
    One of TimeSolv’s newest innovations allows users to leave the old file cabinet behind for cloud-based storage of expense records. Paper bills, spreadsheets, and crumpled receipts can easily be lost in the chaos of the day. With TimeSolv, users can attach receipts directly to client matters, so they never go missing. Even without internet access, receipts can be attached through the convenient TImeSolv application.
  1. “I am able to accomplish my daily timekeeping, invoicing and AR entries with fewer steps and greater efficiency than I ever did with TimeSlips.”
    TimeSolv is all about efficiency, providing users with various tools for handling daily, weekly, and monthly tasks in an efficient manner. May users have recognized these differences and made the switch from the legacy Timeslips billing platform to the more innovative benefits of TimeSolv.

    Timeslips users benefit from a smooth conversion process, with a dedicated TimeSolv professional who takes extra measures to develop an appropriate timeline, evaluate data, convert it, and review the completed conversion for accuracy.

  1. “I love that you can enter time from the application which makes it easy to record time when I am away for a meeting or traveling for a client.”
    The TimeSolv application can be used from any smartphone or tablet, even without an internet connection. The mobility of the app allows users to track their times from anywhere. From a lunch meeting with clients to law library research, users can accurately track their time with ease.

    That data can then be transferred to an office computer system once an internet connection becomes available. With TimeSolv, users never have to miss out on billable times due to the unavailability of time tracking software.

  1. “The pricing of the software is great compared to other software that is out there on the market today.”
    TimeSolv offers its services at an affordable price. Unlike legal billing platforms that require large subscription fees, in addition, to update fees, and customer support costs, TimeSolv provides a comprehensive package of services for a low fee that can be paid on a monthly or annual basis. In addition, there are no additional costs for system updates and no need to maintain an expensive server.

    With a focus on small and midsized law firms, TimeSolv strives to keep its services affordable and accessible.

  1. “They show your target billing for time and collection in a beautiful bar graph or line graph right on the dashboard.”
    Budgeting is a breeze with TimeSolv, with tools to set parameters for billing and time allocation on specific matters. Users can easily see where they stand within their budgets with easy graphs clearly displayed from the dashboard.

    With the ability to create estimates and establish fixed service fees, users can accurately forecast for greater firm profitability. In addition, useful project management tools also help establish targets, calculate potential profits, and ensure continued practice growth.

  1. “TimeSolv has always been able to allow me to design different templates for the different kinds of clients I have.”
    TimeSolv’s invoicing options allow users to create customized templates. With a flexible billing template feature, users can provide exact specifications about what information appears on generated invoices. Users can create invoices that include as much or as little detail as they wish, with easily incorporated company letterhead and logos.

    But the ability to customize invoices is only part of the TimeSolv difference. With their templates, users can even assign different templates to different matters for the same client.

  2. “I definitely recommend this cloud billing program for law firms and as the cloud will inevitably take over the server/client environment, TimeSolv is a great investment.”
    TimeSolv makes the security and reliability of user data a top priority. With innovative cloud-based technology, users have no use for a bulky and expensive server. All of TimeSolv’s data is stored in a state-of-the-art system that exists within a highly secure environment. It is hosted by a state-of-the-art data center provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). They use highly encrypted 256-bit SSL for data transmission between users’ browser and their data center.

    To promote availability, TimeSolv utilizes an innovative agile development environment that provides users with almost 100% uptime. Users can rest assured that their information is being maintained in a safe and secure cloud environment.

TimeSolv has earned a place at the top of the legal billing industry. With a commitment to its users and the efficient running of law firms, they provide services that are celebrated by their users. To learn more about the services of TImeSolv, click here for a free trial.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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