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Communicated Goals Equal Productive Employees

Written by Erika Winston

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Employee productivity is vital to any successful business. Productive workers lead to higher profit margins, satisfied customers and happier employees.  These benefits are especially relevant to law practices, where employees perform tasks that are vital to the overall accomplishments of the law firm. When they fail to work in a productive manner, the practice is negatively affected. Therefore, it’s vitally important to implement systems that promote productivity and, by extension, the profitability of your firm.

Why you need a productive workforce

One of the greatest benefits of a productive workplace is customer satisfaction. When legal timekeepers work efficiently, one result is monetary savings to the client. Wasted time can translate to higher fees and unexpected billing surprises for the customer. While higher bills may seem like a plus for your law firm, dissatisfied clients can lead to negative reviews and the loss of repeat business. In the worst case scenarios, an unhappy client can even result in a Bar complaint against your firm. Timekeeper productivity can prevent these troublesome scenarios.

Increased profitability is another important benefit of employee productivity. An efficient workflow allows your firm to take on additional matters and expand its areas of practice, without sacrificing the quality of work being done for existing clients. More cases equate to more profit. Management consideration of productivity also encourages firm profitability. By reviewing employee performance on a regular basis, managers can identify areas of weakness and address them quickly, before they negatively affect the firm’s profits.

Lastly, studies show that productive employees are happy employees. Happy employees work harder for their employers and provide a greater level of creativity to the environment.  The overall morale of the law practice strengthens and you are less likely to lose valuable workers.

TimeSolv’s new dashboard promotes productivity within your law firm

According to an article in Forbes Magazine, the key to a productive employee is goal setting. Establish clear objectives for your employees and move out of the way while they rise to the occasion. Within a legal setting, this translates to the creation of billable hour goals that are clearly communicated to all timekeepers within the firm.

Legal Project Management Dashboard

TimeSolv allows you to accomplish this task with a dashboard that provides your timekeepers with a view of the firm’s expectations, along with a straightforward assessment of their progress towards meeting those goals. With minimal effort, employees can review the firm’s annual objectives for billable hours and see how their individual billable hours compare. This innovative feature promotes productivity by providing your timekeepers with clear goals and an ongoing incentive to reach them. These numbers are also available to firm administrators for monitoring of each individual timekeeper and assessment of productivity.

Explore all the ways that TimeSolv can promote productivity among your legal staff with our 30 Day Free Trial. Registration does not require a credit card and access expires automatically at the conclusion of the trial period.  Try us out for a month to see why our customers find our time management and legal billing software invaluable.

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