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The digital law firm: managing remote employees

Written by TimeSolv Support

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Last month, we discussed the benefits of starting a virtual law office, and whether you think of a decentralized law practice as being a “virtual law office” or a “digital law firm,” there are indeed many benefits to harnessing the power of technology to reduce overhead while spreading the breadth and scope of the practice. That said, there are also challenges which are different from those you would find in a traditional law office. One of the benefits is that you do not have to necessarily pay top dollar for office space and related expenses for employees – whether fellow attorneys, paralegals, administrative staff – and such employees and/or contractors can work from other locations. But therein lies a major challenge of operating a digital law firm that consistently meets your clients’ needs: how do you manage remote employees? Fortunately, with a TimeSolv plan, you already have a number of features at your disposal to help overcome this challenge so that you, your firm, and your employees can thrive.


Project Management Features Keeps Everyone Up to Speed

With TimeSolv’s project management features, you can manage remote employees easily by setting up clearly delineated goals and tasks which are easily accessible to all. By giving you the power to not only communicate with employees wherever they are but also provide ongoing guidance and support to them, your employees will be able to meet your needs and those of the client without the need for you to be physically standing over their shoulder.


Daily Reporting Features Lets You Know What (and Who) Is and Is Not Working

While TimeSolv’s project management features gives everyone the ability to access ongoing goals and benchmarks, TimeSolv’s reporting features give you, as a managing attorney or administrator, the ability to see what is actually being done on a given project at any time. With 31 different reports at your disposal – from time tracking to expenses to performance – available  in ten different formats, you will always be able to know not only who of your employees is delivering on time and up to expectations but also who is not, so that you can take appropriate managerial action in response, even when the employee is working remotely.


Time Tracking From Anywhere Gives Simplifies the Invoicing Process

TimeSolv offers numerous features to help you simplify the invoicing process, and thus maximize billables, which make things easier on you, especially in situations involving remote employees. Your employees can input their billable time and expenses from any location via a laptop, tablet, or remote – meaning there is no need for them to be in an office – and you can automatically create error-free invoices to transmit to your clients for swift approval and payment.


Optimize Your Firm with TimeSolv

TimeSolv offers backend automated office solutions that brings big-firm innovation to all types of firms, no matter the size. We provide low-cost automated solutions to optimize your firm’s billing, collection, expense tracking, internal reporting, and project management efforts, and offer free training to ensure that you are maximizing all the features that TimeSolv has to offer. To start your free 30-day trial of TimeSolv today, click here.

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