Family Law Practice Profitability and Legal Tech Effectiveness

Written by Branden Wawrzyniak

6 min read

There are many reasons why family law firms need effective legal technology. Innovation enhances the various functions of a firm, promoting efficiency and helping family law attorneys provide their clients with excellent legal services. Enhanced productivity leads to cost savings. Improved client satisfaction leads to more referrals and repeat business… and all of this leads to greater profitability, something that every family law firm thrives to achieve.

An investment in legal technology can deliver profitable returns for a family law firm and here’s how:

Client Communication  

Family law clients do not appreciate having to wait for emails, returned phone calls, or scheduled in-person meetings. They want and expect to receive case updates and bill statuses in a timely manner and on a regular basis, and when that doesn’t happen, they become dissatisfied and hesitant about paying their legal bills. Communication with clients needs to be frequent, and legal technology can be of valuable assistance by making communications increasingly convenient and flexible for attorneys and law firm staff members.

Video conferencing and client portals are just a couple of the major tech developments that have impacted family law firm communications. With these systems in place, clients benefit from faster and more immediate feedback as they can conveniently meet with their attorneys virtually, instantly check the status of their accounts via their client portals, and pay legal bills online.

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The more consistent the communication with family law clients, the more satisfied they’ll be. They become more apt to pay their bills completely and time, while also providing positive reviews and referring potential leads… all of which promotes greater profitability.

Legal Billing and Payments

As family law firms conduct business with today’s modern consumers, they must recognize that their clients have become accustomed to paying their bills online. Traditional cash and paper check payments have given way to online payments via ACH or debit and credit card transactions. To meet this need, firms need tech systems in place that facilitate electronic billing, as well as the electronic collection of payments.

TimeSolv legal billing software provides law practices with technology that streamlines every step of the billing and payment process, from mobile time tracking to the collection of online payments without the need for a third-party payment processor. TimeSolv offers domestic relations law firms the innovative billing system they need to bill consistently, improve collections, and drive profits.

File & Data Management

Many functions of traditional office equipment like printers, copiers, and fax machines can now be replaced by cloud-based technologies. These new tools allow firms to manage data and client files in a safer and more efficient manner. Firm members can instantly share and collaborate on documents regardless of their physical location. Voluminous files can be stored without the need for bulky storage space or expensive storage solutions. From case intake to conclusion, cloud-based document management helps family law firms streamline the critical flow of matter data for enhanced client services.

Financial Analysis & Planning

Legal technology can also help family law firms perform comprehensive business analysis and planning for firm growth and greater profitability. Platforms like TimeSolv provide a variety of reporting capacities that give family law attorneys the opportunity to collect and assess a variety of analytic data for their practices. Armed with the right information, firm leaders can effectively evaluate what advances firm profitability and what may be hindering it.

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Case Management

Advancements in legal technology have also helped family law firms better perform comprehensive case management. These software options automate many common matter tasks, including organizing client contacts, calendar management, and entering billing data. The automation of these duties frees valuable time and effort for other more profitable priorities within the firm. With client data maintained within one centralized location, firm members can more efficiently identify and access needed information.

Creating a Work/Life Balance

Although this element may not directly align with profitability, it does directly impact a family law firm’s level of productivity, which in turn impacts the profit margin. The happier firm members are, the more productive they will be in their daily tasks. Legal technologies provide firm members with healthy alternatives, including remote work and optimizing their billable time. They provide a greater level of flexibility so that firm members can prioritize their well-being and have time for other areas in their lives. Firms can promote a healthier work environment by implementing effective legal technologies which can lead to greater profits.

Law Firms can Boost Profitability with Legal Technology

Legal technology is vital for the profitability of a family law firm and TimeSolv legal billing software can play a major role. To learn more about all that TimeSolv can do for your firm, click this website link for a free, no-obligation trial offer.

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