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How TimeSolv’s Software Helps Mac Users

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If you’re a dedicated Mac user, chances are you’ve grown accustomed to discovering amazing new software, only to learn that it isn’t available on Mac. We have good news for you: When it comes to invoicing and billing software, that’s not a problem. At TimeSolv, we’ve developed our innovative software to work seamlessly on Mac products, letting you work the way you like.

Mac users span all professions these days, from freelancers to high-powered lawyers. We know that our clients have strong preferences regarding the equipment that they use to handle their important business matters, and TimeSolv is dedicated to creating software that works with those preferences.

As a Mac user, you’ve come to expect clean and functional user interfaces, easy syncing, and software that, quite frankly, just works when you need it to. TimeSolv’s billing and invoicing software provides all that and more. Our all-in-one platform features everything you need for seamless project management, time tracking, billing, and invoicing.

Time Management and Billing Software for Mac

TimeSync is our easy-to-use, Mac-compatible desktop app that allows you to track your time and expenses whether or not you’re online. At TimeSolv, we understand that billing doesn’t stop just because you can’t find a reliable Wi-Fi signal.

With one click, you can control your timer, complete with a built-in spellchecker, to track your hours and expenses anywhere and on any device. Entries from TimeSync can later be synced with the main TimeSolv web application, providing seamless integration for billing, whether you’re currently working on your laptop, iPad, or iPhone.

Our innovative billing software for Mac also allows you to customize your time tracking and billing processes by organizing your hours by project, client, employee, activity, or any other parameter of your choosing. You can also create limits on billable hours to ensure that your projects are completed on time and on a budget.

Invoicing Software for Mac

Superior billing software is only useful if you have superior invoicing software to go with it. Thankfully, TimeSolv provides both pieces of the puzzle.

TimeSolv has optimized its invoicing software for Mac users by creating the ability to seamlessly sync with QuickBooks. This integrated approach allows Mac users to create error-free invoices whether they’re working online or offline.

TimeSolv’s intuitive invoicing software offers several features designed to make invoice creation as quick and painless as possible, including:

  • Individualized billing—differentiated by client, with custom-tailored time narratives
  • Numerous formats—including Excel, PDF, Word, and more
  • Choice of billing arrangements—including fixed fee, per-project, or hourly models
  • Customizable discounts—easily applied and adjusted per project, if applicable
  • Automatic tax calculation—with tax rates set for each individual project

Furthermore, with TimeSolv’s multi-step approval process, you can rest assured that your invoices will be error-free every time. Our integrated printing and mailing service further allows you to deliver your invoices on time and with confidence.

Make TimeSolv Work for You

Billing and invoicing can be a time-consuming process, taking precious hours away from your actual work. If you’re a Mac user struggling to find billing or invoicing software that will work for you, look no further than TimeSolv.

Regardless of your profession or how many clients you juggle, TimeSolv makes billing and invoicing easy. Our intuitive software allows Mac users to track time and expenses with a click of a button, seamlessly creating error-free invoices that can be delivered to a client with confidence. Let TimeSolv do the work for you, so you can focus on what matters most, effectively serving your clients.

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