How to Make the Most of Xero Using TimeSolv Integration

Written by Erika Winston

3 min read

Xero has become a popular accounting solution among law firms of various sizes. This easy-to-use online accounting solution ends the legal paper chase by allowing you and your accountant access to critical client billing data from virtually anywhere at any time. Whether you are sitting in the office or working from the comforts of home, Xero offers one single location for attorneys to review the financial health of their law firms and keep their practices up to date.  

With the Zero software, accountants can efficiently handle tedious tasks involving:  

  • Bank reconciliation  
  • Cashflow 
  • Expense claims  
  • Trust Accounting  
  • Payments 
  • Invoicing 

To help lawyers make the most of the Xero platform, TimeSolv offers seamless integration with the Xero application, adding to its broad cloud-based accounting services. Keep reading for some tips on making the most of Xero with TimeSolv integration.  

Why Integration Matters  

Software integration involves combining diverse sub-systems into one coherent multi-functional system. It’s a process of aggregating the system and the software applications so they act as a whole. So, what does all of that mean? You are essentially taking the best of TImeSolv and the best of Xero so they effectively work together.  

Research shows that integrated systems offer superior performance with numerous benefits, like better communication between existing applications, increased efficiency of current software, improved access to data, and a more efficient use of time. Here are some additional ways your law firm benefits from software integration:  

  • Improved Client Services – There’s no need to go back and forth between two separate platforms, which allows you to address concerns and answer questions quickly.  
  • Efficient Office Environment – Integration creates a more efficient working environment, saving your staff members time to work on more profitable tasks.  
  • Improved Processes – Integration brings out the best in multiple platforms, allowing them to work together for maximum accuracy and improved administrative processes.  

TImeSolv Xero Accounting Integration  

The integration of Xero with TimeSolv provides a unique accounting solution that is easy and intuitive to use. The combination of Xero’s accounting expertise and TimeSolv’s unmatched support service provides users with the tools they need for the provision of accurate and efficient client services.  

Xero offers an ideal solution for viewing account cash flow in real-time. The cloud-based app can be conveniently accessed from tablets, smartphones, and computers, making it quickly accessible at all times.  

Xero helps law firm leaders manage money with budgets that compliment the long-term goals of your legal practice. The platform’s design facilitates deep accounting operations while reducing time spent on processing voluminous records. The Xero Dashboard encompasses everything you need to access details regarding invoicing and billing status, as well as comparison charts to assist financial management. 

Some of the numerous benefits offered by TimeSolv’s integration with Xero include:  

  • Single entry of date with no worries of troublesome, unintended double entries 
  • Easily sync clients, invoices, payments, credits and trust transactions between the two platforms  
  • Ability to transfer data granularly  
  • Movement of payments and allocations from TimeSolv to Xero as bank transactions, payments of invoice and credit notes 
  • Invoices with multiple levels of details  
  • Tracking and transferring of data between systems 
  • Trust transactions and transfers recorded in TimeSolv easily synced to Xero 

With TimeSolv and Xero, your firm can elevate its productivity and efficiency with the combination of two powerful systems in the management of your firm’s profitability. 

Setting Up and Accessing Xero  

TimeSolv has created a seamless experience for setting up Xero and its integration with TimeSolv. Users can expect a painless setup and will incur at no extra costs for necessary training and support services. Just head under Account>Integrations>Xero – Non-Certified to start the process of connecting your accounts. Step by step directions for setting up Xero and syncing TimeSolv clients into the accounting software are available at  

Once clients are pulled from TimeSolv into Xero, all transactions can be quickly and easily handled from the same page. For more information on connecting your account, setting things up, and syncing data between TimeSolv and Xero, check out the TImeSolv Knowledge Base.

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