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Increasing Law Firm Revenue with a Move from On-premises to Cloud Billing Software

Written by Erika Winston

4 min read

Cloud-based technology has increasingly become the go-to for legal billing software, replacing antiquated on-premises systems with more cost convenient, efficient, and innovative options. Whether you operate a solo practice or a mid-sized firm, cloud-based legal billing software offers significant value. There is no need to continuously deal with the inefficiencies and headaches of an outdated software system that negatively impacts your firm’s profitability. With a move from on-premises billing software to a cloud-based option, you can effectively increase revenue for your law firm and there are real reasons why.


Greater Reliability in a Covid-19 World

As firms continue operating away from their physical offices, they need billing systems in place that can adequately meet a variety of needs. At the top of that list is mobility, and cloud-based software is designed for it. On-premises platforms require firm members to be physically present within the office to access all features, including the creation, sending, and collection of client invoices.  

The pandemic has made it crystal clear that being physically present is not always possible, which can make an on-premises billing solution virtually useless. Your firm needs the ability to bill and collect payments regardless of what business interruptions may be occurring. Cloud-based billing software is the only way to make that happen.  

Further driving potential revenue for your firm, TimeSolv’s cloud-based legal software option offers mobile applications, allowing your firm’s staff members to access time and expense tracking features from the convenience of their smartphones or other devices.  

Another aspect of reliability is security, which can have an adverse effect on revenue if not adequately handled. As attorneys transport their laptops back and forth between their homes and office, the risk of stolen data is at an all-time high. When these devices get stolen, forgotten, or lost, sensitive files and data may become available to whoever comes into possession of it. A single data breach can potentially cost a firm hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Cloud-based software provides your firm with an elevated level of security. Data is stored on remote servers managed and maintained by the service provider dedicated to keeping their servers secure from physical and cyber-related attacks. Your billing data remains safe and confidential regardless of what happens to your computer.  

But it’s not only laptops that are sensitive to breaches. On-site servers can be vulnerable to physical breaches within the office, as well as cyberattacks. They also require a lot of maintenance and leave firm staff members unable to effectively bill when they break down. The cloud eliminates the potential security problems of an on-premises billing software system offering a much greater level of availability for users.   

TimeSolv works hard to ensure that its platform is consistently available to its users with a state-of-the-art agile development environment to provide law firm clients with virtually 100% uptime. Software and security updates are handled remotely, so you don’t take time and resources away from your practice to handle these tasks onsite. This elevated reliability means that you and your staff can focus on tasks that elevate revenue instead of wasting time maintaining your on-site systems.


Cost Savings in the Midst of a Volatile Economy

The pandemic has created a lot of volatility for the economy, which includes the legal industry. As a firm leader, you are likely keeping a close eye on every penny that leaves the firm and looking to save on expenses whenever possible.  

Most cloud-based legal billing systems prove more affordable for law firms than traditional systems. On-premises servers can be extremely expensive to purchase and set up within the office. In fact, getting this done often requires assistance from a tech specialist. With a cloud-based system, your firm “rents” space on the service provider’s cloud system instead of paying for an expensive on-premises server. Most can be purchased on a subscription basis, with a set fee paid each month.  

Cloud-based servers also save on the high costs of maintenance and repair that generally accompany an on-site system. These needs can be so extensive that some firms keep a tech specialist on task to handle them. In addition, many of the on-premises legal billing software companies charge firms for system updates and some even refuse to provide tech support for systems over a year old. A cloud-based legal billing system like TimeSolv handles software updates and troubleshooting remotely and free of charge.


Move to the Cloud for Greater Firm Revenue

Most law firms have made the move from on-premises legal software to cloud-based legal billing systems, and there are real reasons why that’s happening. If your law firm still relies on upon an old on-premises billing system, it’s time for an upgrade to the cloud. To learn more about TimeSolv’s cloud-based legal billing system, click this website link for a free, no-obligation trial.  


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