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Increasing the Mobility of your Law Practice

Written by Ron Reinart

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Modern technology has completely changed the dynamics of the traditional law office. Mobile technologies make it possible for lawyers to expand their service areas and work on cases from virtually anywhere in the world. At the extreme end is a growing trend where attorneys are actually establishing mobile law offices in cars, vans and campers. At the other end, attorneys use mobile technology to operate multiple offices, work on the go, or service clients from unconventional locations. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, mobile technologies are vital to the growth of a law practice and when making upgrades, there are specific aspects you should consider.

Document Storage

In a traditional law office, document storage simply requires a file cabinet and a backup system.  A mobile office does not lend itself to shuffling around a collection of paper files. Not only is it inconvenient, but you also risk losing important documentation while moving between locations. There are numerous virtual document storage applications on the market. Dropbox for Business provides an ample amount of storage space for a monthly fee. It allows for document sharing and a centralized administration monitoring system. Box is another for document storage option with a monthly fee, and allows you to search for specific text within the virtual files.

Once you implement your storage system, choose a quality scanner to turn paper files into virtual documents. When evaluating scanners, look for a model that includes an automatic feeder. This feature saves a considerable amount of time by allowing you to load the machine, hit a button and walk away. Mobile scanners are extremely convenient, making it possible to scan documents from anywhere. Sized perfectly for most briefcases and many run off batteries. The images are stored inside the scanner until you are able to download them into your office storage system.

Time Keeping and Billing

An extremely important aspect of a mobile office is maintaining accurate time and billing records. This can prove especially challenging when firm associates and support staff are working on various mobile devices.  TimeSolv stands up to the challenge, providing an easy-to-use system for mobile tracking of time by various users.

The TimeSolv Mobile App is available for iPhones, as well as Android phones. Its built-in timer can easily track the length of telephone calls and meetings. It even works when you are on an airplane without Internet access.  To cut down on administration times, users can program abbreviations into the application for easy classifications without long, typed out descriptions. You can also use your phone’s built in microphone to dictate descriptions and other notes.

The TimeSolv App makes it easy to access specific client matters. There is no need to scroll through numerous names until you find the one you need. Instead you can conveniently limit your access solely to the matters in which you recently billed or entered time.

TimeSolv stands out as a highly useful and comprehensive tool in your mobile law practice. Learn more about how we can serve your practice needs and try out TimeSolv free for 30 days.

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