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Make the Most of Your Time with TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinar Series

Written by Erika Winston

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For more than 20 years, TimeSolv has remained committed to providing its subscribers with stellar customer service, top-notch training, and valuable user resources. The team is now advancing this commitment with its Wednesday Webinar Series, an informative series of online presentations offering helpful tips and tricks to maximize the TimeSolv experience.  


Why Webinars?

The team at TimeSolv understands how webinars can assist their current subscribers, as well as legal professionals considering TimeSolv for their time tracking and billing needs. By offering a webinar series, it is their hope that existing and potential users will gain a number of benefits, including:   

  • Convenience – TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinars can be viewed right from the comfort of your office, or virtually anywhere you choose to watch. There is no need for travel time or expenses, which makes webinars efficient tools for training and the delivery of information. In addition, the on-demand feature of the webinars allows for viewing at whatever time is most convenient.   
  • Specific Topics – With weekly webinars, TimeSolv can offer instruction regarding targeted topics so audiences can receive timely information that is most relevant to their specific law office needs. With webinars, the company TimeSolv can quickly introduce new technologies to their users, so that they always have up-to-date knowledge about all that the platform has to offer. To date, the company has presented webinars about a wide range of subjects, including:  
    • New Mobile Application 
    • LEDES 2000 Format Updates 
    • Conflict Searches  
    • Task Code Groups 
    • LexCharge Integration 
    • Keyboard Shortcut Updates 
  • Knowledgeable Advice – TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinars are crafted and conducted by the company’s knowledgeable and skilled professionals. These product specialists offer attendees detailed instructions for navigating and using the platform. In addition, some of the company’s webinars include other experts from within the legal industry who provide real-world examples, case studies, and additional insight into the software’s numerous law practice features. During the live webinars, these experts also offer attendees an opportunity for one-on-one engagement through such interactive tools as Q&A sessions and audience polls. 
  • Cost-Effective Training – Not only are there no travel expenses involved when attending TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinars, there are also no registration fees involved. An entire law firm team can watch the webinar from remote locations for no charge. This allows for valuable interaction and team learning about the webinar topics without the necessary investment of time and money to travel to and from a physical location or registering for an expensive webinar. 


The Goals Behind the Wednesday Webinar Series

A lot of preparation and planning goes into each episode of the webinar series because the TimeSolv team wants to ensure that they are providing real value to attendees. Along with the general benefits that webinars provide, they designed the Wednesday Webinar Series with the following goals in mind:  

  • The ability for law firm members to analyze their specific situations. By demonstrating specific circumstances and offering one-on-one discussion about the particular needs of webinar attendees, TimeSolv provides law firms with the valuable ability to evaluate their individual situations. With this information, firm members can determine the most appropriate tools, resources, and strategies to address their needs.  
  • Exercising new techniques and trying out new tools. Many of TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinars highlight the company’s latest technologies and advancements. This provides law firms with an efficient and cost-effective method of trying out new techniques along with the webinar presenter. 
  • Providing inspiration for law firm leaders. TimeSolv has always been a company of innovation and modernization. It is the team’s hope that the information offered during these webinars inspires firm leaders to try out new technologies and techniques. With the constant hustle and bustle of maintaining a law practice, it can be difficult to come up with fresh methods and improvements – but that is the role of TimeSolv. Their experts are consistently working to enhance law firm procedures.  
  • Solutions for working smarter and greater productivity. TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinar Series is all about offering solutions to the procedural challenges of law firm management. From time tracking and billing to document management and trust accounting, the TimeSolv team is constantly offering ways to help firm members work smarter and in a more productive manner.  


Explore TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinar Series

With TimeSolv’s Wednesday Webinar Series, law firms can go beyond the standard features of the platform to learn more about the many valuable benefits of TimeSolv’s legal time tracking and billing software. Click this YouTube link to access past webinars and this website link to register for future presentations.   

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