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Making the Switch to TimeSolv, Part 2

Written by Erika Winston

3 min read

In part one of this series, I discussed the affordable cost and convenience of TimeSolv when compared to traditional legal billing programs. In this post, I am going to give you two more reasons why a switch to TimeSolv is in order for your legal practice. Ready? Let’s go!


Ease of Use

Do you enjoy sifting through 400 pages of instructions? Well, if you choose a traditional billing program for your law office, you had better start enjoying it – or you can enlist the costly services of a professional trainer to teach you, your attorneys and your staff members how to properly track and bill time.

For the folks at TimeSolv, a product that requires a 400 page manual is ridiculous. So, they pride themselves on offering features that are user-friendly, requiring only a reasonable amount of training. There is no dreadful disappointment when you open your TimeSolv applications. Instead you will find an interface that is easy to understand. Every option is clearly marked and placed in a logical order, so you can follow along without a costly professional trainer.

For subscribers who want a bit of extra help, TimeSolv offers self-guided tutorials or one-on-one training sessions with our knowledgeable representatives. With screen share, you get a first-hand tutorial about all of the program’s features and how they can benefit your specific practice. And for subscribers who want a bit of extra help on top of their extra help, the TimeSolv Certified Consultant Program (TSCC) offers assistance to firms from experienced third-parties with expertise in all things TimeSolv.

Comprehensive customer service isn’t limited to newbies. TimeSolv works to ensure that subscribers always have the support they need for their firms. From an FAQ section to a detailed Knowledge Base, their site is filled with information, while customer service representatives are ready and able to help you through any billing dilemma.


Time Savings

Most traditional legal billing services lack features that effectively streamline the time tracking and billing processes. As one happy converter noted, her firm’s billing process went from six days with TimeSlips down to two days with TimeSolv.

These folks respect your time and offer a user-focused interface that boosts your productivity. By customizing the process, you can automate your time tracking to save you and your staff valuable hours. The various billing formats enable you to create PDFs, spreadsheets, or word documents that best benefit the needs of your practice.

Your practice can also save time spent fixing errors by utilizing TimeSolv’s available multi-step approval process. TimeSolv also saves you the time and frustration of calculating tax liabilities tracking expenses.

So, there you have it – two more reasons why TimeSolv outperforms traditional legal billing programs. Who doesn’t want a time-saving system that is easy to use? If you do, the next installment will explain how easy TimeSolv makes the transition process. But while you wait with bated breath, check out TimeSolv’s numerous features right here.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, The Legal Writing Studio, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications.

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