Migrating and converting Timeslips billing software for your legal practice

Written by Erika Winston

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So, you are finally fed up with Timeslips. You’ve had enough of the expensive fees, inconvenient server requirements, and inadequate customer support. You know your office will benefit from a cloud-based tracking and billing system, but envision a conversion process that is convoluted, difficult, and unreasonably time-consuming. You may fear losing your historical data, as well as valuable client information. It’s a valid concern, but one that may keep you chained to your outdated Timeslips system for years to come.

Recognizing the need for an effective conversion process, the TimeSolv Corporation is still the only cloud-provider of legal time tracking and billing that can efficiently and quickly handle migration and conversion for your law firm. These folks have developed a process that upgrades your time tracking and billing system with minimal interruption and maximum effectiveness. They have spent years working closely with law firms to create a proven system that has helped numerous lawyers and legal professionals. Keep reading to find out how TimeSolv can seamlessly free your law firm from the restraints of an antiquated Timeslips billing system.


The Conversion Plan

When you work with TimeSolv, you can rest assured that significant planning and strategy go into your specific conversion plan. There is no single cookie-cutter plan because there is no single cookie-cutter law firm. Knowledgeable professionals work with you to discuss the specific needs of your individual practice and create a detailed timeline for the auto-migration process. TimeSolv understands what’s at stake for your law firm and your comfort with the conversion process is a top priority. When the strategizing session is over, you will have a clear understanding of the conversion plan and what steps will be taken to migrate your system from Timeslips to TimeSolv.

TimeSolv’s conversion process includes four major components:

  1. A timeline to stop Timeslips – You’ve decided to upgrade your time tracking and billing system to improve your law firm, but that improvement needs to occur with minimal interruption of your practice. Your clients expect consistent service, which means that you must maintain your record keeping needs throughout the entire conversion process. Recognizing this necessity, TimeSolv professionals carefully review the technical aspects of your specific conversion plan to provide you with reliable advice about the best time to stop using Timeslips. It doesn’t happen with the flip of a simple switch. Prematurely stopping Timeslips can leave your practice without needed time tracking and billing capabilities. That is why TimeSolv professionals make a concerted effort to ensure that you stop using Timeslips at an appropriate time.


  1. Uploading your historical data into the TimeSolv system – Once a timeline is established, the TimeSolv professionals will begin the process of uploading your client data from Timeslips into the TimeSolv database. You do not have to worry about being left in the dark. Their professionals guide you through this process as well, ensuring that you understand exactly what will occur, when it will occur, and how it will occur. The auto-migration process is designed to upload the data in a way that minimizes any resulting downtown within your practice. You must keep providing services to your clients and TimeSolv’s conversion process allows that to happen.


  1. A review of the uploaded data – The TimeSolv professionals do not just leave you without support once the conversion process is complete. By comparing your historical information to the uploaded data, they can address any potential issues before they negatively impact your practice. These professionals carefully review your uploaded information for completion and accuracy, so that you can move forward with the assurance that your data is precise and completely accessible in the TimeSolv system.


  1. Going live – Once the conversion and review is done, it’s time to go live with your new cloud-based legal time-tracking and billing system. TimeSolv provides you with numerous resources to ensure that you and every member of your firm understand how to properly use TimeSolv. The company offers online set-up assistance, with customer service representatives who are conveniently available to answer questions and help you complete the conversion process. TimeSolv’s newest users also benefit from a variety of resources, including guided assistance with free administrative training. Their representatives help you establish user roles and complete administrative set-up. They also assist with client and matter creation, as well as time and expense entry. With so many available resources, your TimeSlips conversion process will be successful, with minimal interruption to your firm.


Certified Consultants Program

To further support law firms through the process of converting from Timeslips, the company recently introduced the TimeSolv Certified Consultants Program (TSCC), which matches clients with third-party consultants so they can benefit from a personalized approach to the conversion process. A consultant works with your firm onsite to gain a comprehensive understanding about your needs and the best way to implement the conversion process from Timeslips to TimeSolv in an efficient and productive manner.

You’ve spent far too much time dealing with the inefficiency and expense of Timeslips. It is time to equip your law practice with the efficient and profitable benefits of TimeSolv’s cloud-based legal time tracking and billing system. While migrating and converting your information may seem like an unnerving task, TimeSolv has created a process that is stress-free, affordable, and ensures that you don’t have to go through conversion alone. Click here to visit the website and see what other legal professionals say about their conversions from Timeslips to TimeSolv.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, The Legal Writing Studio, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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