How Personal Injury Law Document Management and Communications Get Easier with TimeSolv

Written by Erika Winston

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Personal injury law encompasses an abundance of tasks and responsibilities, but two of the most important are document management and communications. PI firms often maintain volumes upon volumes of documents in relation to client medical records, insurance correspondence, financial data, and a number of other relevant materials. Without an adequate system in place, disorganization can quickly set in, making it harder for PI attorneys to provide quality legal services for their clients.  

On the communication front, a client that has been seriously injured may be relying on the outcome of their legal matter to replace lost income or pay for outstanding medical bills. These are pressing and stressful needs, so clients want and deserve to be kept informed on a regular basis.  

Meeting these duties for every client on a full case roster can prove difficult, which is why TimeSolv legal billing software includes useful tools designed to help PI law firms streamline their document management systems while also maintaining quality client communications.


Document Management

The use of digital documentation has grown within the legal industry over the last decade, but its importance was highlighted by the challenges brought on by the pandemic. Social distancing requirements forced PI firms to close their physical offices, making digital document capabilities a necessity. Even the courts got on board, with jurisdictions nationwide accepting digital documents for e-filing purposes, including personal injury cases.  

With electronic documentation, PI firms can electronically store, share, and review every page of every file without volumes of disorganized and less-than-secure paper documents. Instead, cloud storage has given law firms the ability to store documents electronically for efficient organization, security, and sharing.  

PI attorneys can safely store digital documents while providing credentialed individuals the ability to remotely access them on an as-needed basis. Whether it’s an expert witness needing access to a client’s medical record or an insurance settlement offer that the client needs to review, TimeSolv’s document management feature helps PI firms handle these tasks quickly and efficiently by storing documents within a highly secure virtual environment. Attorneys can stay organized with tags and folders, as well as project attachments.  

TimeSolv’s document management capabilities as include:  

  • A matter/project directory that allows documents to be saved at the matter or project level. 
  • Document automation to create custom documents from client and matter information. 
  • Unlimited hierarchy to create as many folders and subfolders as necessary for each matter or project. 
  • Quick View capabilities to easily view files before downloading them. 
  • Convenient document descriptions that allow firm members to add explanations for the quick identification of relevant files without downloading them.  
  • Storage of multiple file versions along with descriptions of the changes made.


Client Communications

Effective communication is a must for any PI law firm to establish and maintain successful client relationships. While clients want to feel informed and reassured that progress is being made on their matters, PI attorneys also have an ethical duty to keep clients informed and maintain regular communications. This can be difficult without effective systems in place, but TimeSolv’s client portal has that covered. First, consider these questions:  

  • How much time do your firm’s top-earning timekeepers’ lawyers and support team spend answering telephone calls and responding to client questions?  
  • How many of those inquiries involve billing concerns or status requests?  
  • How many of those calls could have been prevented with a simplified system of keeping clients informed electronically?  
  • How much of that time could have been better spent on more profitable client tasks? 

A client portal contributes to a more efficient law office by minimizing time-consuming interactions between firm members and clients. Instead of calling or dropping by the office, a client can access the portal and review useful data regarding their billing statements, trust accounts, or case developments. There is always plenty of work to be done within a successful personal injury law office. The client portal frees up time for firm attorneys and support staff to concentrate on more lucrative matters.  

Here’s how the TimeSolv client portal works. As work is completed on a case, attorneys can make quick updates to the client’s portal account, even before an invoice is generated. Let’s say your PI firm is working on a complex wrongful death case for a client who demands weekly updates. With the client portal, the client can independently log in and view completed tasks without contacting the office. Not only does this allow for greater focus by the firm on more profitable tasks, but it also promotes a positive attorney-client relationship.  

One of the most common complaints about law firms is the failure to keep clients informed about the cases. Poor client communication can lead to unpaid invoices, negative reviews, and bar complaints. Through TimeSolv’s client portal, PI firms can promote client communications with minimal effort on the part of attorneys and staff members. It helps PI firms ease the responsibility of constant communication while also increasing firm efficiency. 


TimeSolv Legal Billing Software Helps Personal Injury Firms Streamline their Processes

TimeSolv is the solution that personal injury firms need for improved document management and communication. With digital document features and its comprehensive client portal capabilities, TimeSolv helps personal injury attorneys manage their practices in a more efficient manner. To learn more, visit this website link for a free trial offer. 

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