TimeSolv is named a Top 10 company disrupting legal practice management

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

4 min read

Using technology to boost productivity is becoming of increasing importance for law firms in order to remain competitive in the digital world, as the needs of clients are evolving along with the innovation of new technology, and consequentially there is a change in expectations of how business is conducted. Inability to integrate with the current advances in technology can be crippling for the progress of a firm, as we become increasingly disposed to faster results and quicker responses. Technology ultimately enhances efficiency through use of online communication, online payments, ease of sharing documents, and distribution of information through client portals. These features maximise revenue and increase performance.

With mobile and cloud revolutions, instant access to information is in excessive demand. We are becoming increasingly accustomed to having data accessible remotely across a stream of devices at any juncture. Cloud data also allows exceeding storage capacity of individual devices by going beyond device capability through the realm of cloud based storage solutions. One of the most beneficial outcomes of technology for law firms is the use of practice management systems in their grasp.

TimeSolv was recently named as one of the top 10 companies disrupting legal practice management on Disruptor Daily. And while you’ll find us in company with Clio, Rocket Matter and other practice management solutions, you’ll find our pricing to be much more attractive compared to others on this list.

Let’s explore some reasons why TimeSolv is an inexpensive and affordable alternative to your current timekeeping and billing solution, and how it should be used as a business strategy for progressive practices to improve in efficiency and profits, while strengthening relationships between clients and your law firm through billing and planning contention.

The fact that TimeSolv is cloud-based means you can work from anywhere without worrying about losing important data should you face technical issues on your device. You can also benefit from our comprehensive project plan feature when your client is demanding a detailed estimate, or if you simply need to provide your clients with a planned matter to manage expectations, and avoid clients feeling they have been hit with unexpected charges. A strong client-firm relationship leads to repeat business, which optimizes profitability. Meanwhile, your firm is benefiting from these project plans by creating a fully comprehensive oversight of projects and budgets, thereby increasing productivity through management performance and employee accountability over the promotion of personal goals and tasks.

TimeSolv provides an unparalleled easy cloud-based time tracking and billing solution to accommodate all your legal practice management needs, and our team persistently and passionately strives in delivering these technological changes to law firms and their clients to help them make full use of technological shifts in the simplest way possible. We are constantly focused on improving and formulating the software to reflect client feedback and needs. We have a user friendly interface and amazing customer service with proactive communication. While TimeSolv offers customization at a granular level to best suit your business needs, should you need a feature currently not offered, then rest assured you can reach out to our staff at TimeSolv and we will always strive to accommodate your personal requirements. In addition, each time we roll out something new, we schedule webinars to help users make the most of every new update.

With the level of flexibility we offer, you can constantly adapt according to your client and firm needs. What’s more, our support is all inclusive in the subscription package. So not only are we a cheaper alternative to other practice management solutions out there like Clio or PracticePanther – we offer unlimited free customer support unlike our competitors. Likewise, our competitors lack important basic legal billing system requirements that are available at TimeSolv. See here for more information on how our software provides a broad spectrum of client needs. If you’re already with a legal practice management solution, users can import historical data into the system if transferring from a previous practice management software with the many integrations we provide. These integration tools can also help synchronize your client, time, expense, document, and billing data between platforms to help save you time.

Establishing better planning, billing, and documenting practices ultimately leads to growth and profitability. So if you need a practice management app to help you with batch invoicing, flexible invoice templates, faster time and expense entries, legal specific reports in a range of formats, fixed fee billing, budgeting matters, as well as many other features, start your free trial here, call us at 1.800.715.1284, email us at support@timesolv.com.


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