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Tip of the Week: Group ‘No Charge’ Time Entries in Invoice Time Summary Section

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

2 min read
I know, I know, we’re always harping on about how we’re so vested in our customer’s feedback as we continue to enhance our app to make the most pristine perfect legal billing and management tool on the market. But what can we say? It’s true! When we found that there is a need for an option to group ‘Billable’ and ‘No Charge’ entries by the Time Entries, we made sure it happened. This week’s Tip of the Week takes a look at how you can now group those entries in the invoice Time Summary section.

So, let’s say you are on the TIme Summary section of an invoice, and you want to be able to see the total hours (the sum of ‘Billable’ and ‘No Charge’) under that section of the invoice. All you have to is head under your Flexible Billing Template (Invoices>Settings>Flexible Templates) and select the ‘Group by Billable Type’ checkbox under the Time tab.

If the ‘Group By Billable Type’ checkbox is selected, the Timekeeper’s  ‘Billable’ and ‘No Charge’ Time Entries will be displayed separately on an invoice.

We know clarity is everything, so having your invoice laid out with well-grouped information can help avoid client confusion and potential disputes which can lead to a delay in getting paid on time. Let us work hard behind the scenes to help your workflow and your money flow, and you just focus on spending your time working on the important stuff.

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