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Tip of the Week: How to turn on two-factor authentication for your TimeSolv account

Written by Scott Clasen

1 min read

TimeSolv has always put the security of your data first and foremost. With that mission in mind, we’ve now created the ability to enable two-factor authentication in TimeSolv.

This enhanced safety feature is easy and fast to use but greatly reduces the chances of a security breach.

Today’s Tip of the Week looks at how to turn on two-factor authentication in TimeSolv.

Login to your account and under the Account tab, select Settings from the drop-down. 

In the settings, click on the ‘General’ tab. You will see an option of two-factor authentication about two-thirds down the page.

Two-factor authentication is disabled by default in your account but you can change the settings right here. 

Note: The settings will be the same for every user of your TimeSolv account. 

So for instance, if you select ‘every login’ for your 2-factor-authentication, every user of that account will have to provide the verification code on every login.

Whichever option you select (except disabling it), you’ll immediately get an email providing you with a code as soon as you log in (for every login, or daily or weekly verification requiring logins) that lasts for 5 minutes.

Once you enter the code after the login, you will be allowed to use the account. Wasn’t that easy? 

If you’d like more help with the understanding of two-factor authentication or any tools, please call us at 1.800.715.1284, email us at support@timesolv.com or schedule a FREE 30-minute support session.


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