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Tip of the Week | 2 min read

Tip of the Week: LexCharge Integration

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

2 min read

TimeSolv’s integration with LexCharge can help firms increase profits whilst also improving client relationships. It’s an easy and efficient solution to managing payments securely by accepting credit card and eCheck payments from clients. LexCharge actually specializes in electronic payment processing for law firms, so with their expertise in legal software industries, the LexCharge team understands how important it is to manage firm payments properly through operating and (IOLTA) trust accounts.

Many lawyers still shy away from incorporating e-payments as a convenient and modern payment method. The reason for this is because often there are fees attached to processing online payments. Deducting extortionate fees per transaction can accumulate to significant costs annually. LexCharge resolves these apprehensions by developing a flat fee structure; users only pay 3% + 30¢ per transaction for any card type and $2.00 per eCheck transaction. There are no hidden fees attached, no monthly surcharges, or other unexpected fees.

What’s more, LexCharge offers a special offer of the first 12 months at a flat processing rate of 2.75% + 20¢ per transaction. And LexCharge will meet or beat the processing rate you may be paying today or give you a $500 Amazon gift card (*must provide last 3 months of processing statements for review).

TimeSolv users can apply for their LexCharge merchant account without having to leave the TimeSolv application, providing a truly seamless integration experience. Go to Account>Integrations and start your application from the LexCharge tab.

This powerful combination of tools streamlines the process of receiving and recording payments. TimeSolv gives you the ability to store a client’s credit card or ACH information, meaning you can run payments for invoices on YOUR schedule after you send an invoice, not your client’s. This process means you can achieve zero AR and get paid faster. Alternatively, you can allow your clients to view and pay invoices directly through our Client Portal.

If you have an agreement with your customers to store their credit card/bank account information on file and charge them whenever an invoice is due or replenishment to a trust account is required, head under Clients>Clients & Matters>[Client/Matter]>Payment Settings.

The card information should pre-populate from the Contact stored under the Matter. Matters will automatically inherit the Client-level payment settings, but you can have additional/different credit card/bank account details stored under individual Matters.

TimeSolv includes LexCharge among its valuable integration options in order to provide its users with a seamless credit card and ACH payment process that is built right into the platform. Using the systems together, law firms can benefit from the efficiency and convenience of collecting payments immediately.

If you’d like to contact TimeSolv support for help, please call 1.800.715.1284 or schedule a FREE 30-minute session now!


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