Tip of the Week: Move Time Between Draft Invoices
2 min read

Tip of the Week: Move Time Between Draft Invoices

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

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2 min read

Copy or Move Time Between Draft Invoices

TimeSolv has just rolled out a new feature that enables Timekeepers to edit their Time and Expense entries from within the Draft Invoice itself so it can be used against a different Client and Matter, or simply create a copy of the entry. This week’s Tip of the Week dives into how to create a copy of an entry or how to move it between draft invoices.

Copy Entries on Draft Invoices

Head under the ‘Draft Invoices’ screen and click on the invoice amount to drill into its settings. You’ll find time and expense tabs at the top where this new feature appears.

Click on the drop-down arrow next to ‘Edit’ against the entry to reveal the ‘Copy’ link, opening the ‘Copy Time Entry’ dialog box.

This dialog box will allow users to re-assign the Timekeeper, Date, Billable Type, Description, and the entry time details in the copied version. The copy is created under the same Client & Matter, so there will be no option to re-assign those values.

Move Entries on Draft Invoices

To move a Time or Expense entry in a Draft Invoice, click on the ‘Edit’ link against the entry.

Again, as with the ability to copy entries, this link will open up a dialog box where users can adjust the Matter, Timekeeper, Date, Billable Type, Description, and the entry details. When a new Matter is selected, the bottom button options will change and show a ‘Move’ button. The respective entry will then become associated with the re-assigned Matter and no longer be visible under the edited Draft Invoice.

TimeSolv always strives to find the best possible solutions to continue saving you time in your billing process, so you can focus more time on billable tasks that increase profitability for your firm. Click here for more details on the new feature of being able to copy and move entries on Draft Invoices.

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