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Why time tracking software makes sense for freelancers

Written by TimeSolv Support

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Freelancing is one of the biggest trends in American business. Once a euphemism for “unemployed” or “between jobs,” freelancing is quickly becoming a new normal in our economy as businesses shed high-paid employees while talented workers find that they can make a sizable income by taking their services straight to their clients without a middleman employer. Freelancing can bring great freedom and higher income, but it also means that there is no accounting department or billing department taking care of invoicing for your services, making sure you get paid, or keeping records for tax and regulatory purposes. That’s where an easy-to-learn and comprehensive service like TimeSolv enters the picture to help you run your freelance business while working towards increased profits. Here just a few ways why a time tracking application like TimeSolv makes sense for freelancers.

Increase Transparency for Clients

With TimeSolv, your hours, work descriptions, expenses, and milestones will all be tracked in one place, and your bills can automatically be sent to your clients. Your clients can then review your time entries, hours, and expenses on a daily basis, giving them the assurance that you are providing high-quality, thorough, and professional services that justify your rates and the continued retention of your business.

Make Your Services Look More Professional

In many cases, your contact with your clients may be limited to some basic correspondence, the end product that you send them, and the final bills/invoices that you send their way. No doubt you take pride in making sure your work product looks as professional and polished as possible, because, among other things, this product is what the client sees and thus justifies your price. Your billing/invoicing correspondence should reflect that same level of professionalism and polish. With TimeSolv, you can easily create professional-looking invoices branded with your own logo, giving your clients more comfort and assurance that you are indeed a professional and that, as such, you should be paid as quickly as possible!

Keep Track of Your Business-related Finances

By keeping all of your billing, expenses, and hours in one place, you are giving yourself one more tool to keep track of your business’ finances while preparing yourself for tax time. Rather than work with a series of one-off invoices kept in documents scattered across your desk and hard drive, with little in the way of documentation for expenses and payments received, make things easier on yourself by incorporating TimeSolv into your freelance daily routine.

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TimeSolv offers competitive pricing that brings up-to-the-minute innovation to your freelance business, whether you are just starting out or deep into your freelance career. To start your free 30-day trial of TimeSolv today, click here.

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