Work and Life Balance

Work Life Balance in a Law Firm

Written by Erika Winston

2 min read

The practice of law is no easy task. Partners and managers are constantly working to expand firm business and increase overall revenues, while associates work to meet billable hour requirements and other professional responsibilities. Unfortunately, these necessary business functions usually lead to a reality that disproportionally includes more work than personal living.

While the pursuit of a perfect balance may prove fruitless in the legal profession, many firms are recognizing the need for a work/life balance among their attorneys and staff, which entails a healthy balance between work duties and personal goals. If you lean too far over on the work side, you may neglect personal responsibilities, which can ultimately lead to physical or mental sickness. Conversely, leaning too far in the personal direction can stifle professional growth and negatively affect the revenues of the firm.  Studies show that a well rounded employee is more productive in the workplace, as well as more dedicated to the practice and thoughtful in their work duties.

As law firms begin to recognize the value of a healthy work/life balance, managers implement policies that allow for greater employee flexibility. However, the successful execution of these programs requires legal billing software that supports a mobile and virtual environment. For example, telecommuting allows staff members to work remotely from places other than the office. To make this work, law firms need a legal billing service that allows for time management and billing of services, even when tasks are completed away from the office.

TimeSolv legal billing software meets this need with a variety of remote access functions:

  • Partners, associates and staff members can benefit from TimeSolv Mobile, which allows for time and expense tracking from anywhere at any time. The easy to use software can be downloaded to a cell phone for convenience and availability. Just start the included timer to keep an accurate accounting of time spent on a telephone call, meeting or any other task. Even without internet access, you can access this convenient law firm billing software, then quickly sync with the system when service becomes available.
  • The TimeSync desktop application, conveniently made available for Mac and PC users, can make the work/life balance more obtainable. The application requires no logging in or internet service for quickness and ease. A searchable drop down menu includes a list of previous clients and matters for speedy time entries. All you do is click a button to begin tracking your time and sync to the law firm’s software for accurate billing.

Start your Free 30 Day Trial to explore how the convenience of TimeSolv can help your law promote a healthy work/life balance among your attorneys and staff.

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