TimeSolv is excited to inform of the recent update featuring the ability to integrate with Office 365, allowing users to create time entries while viewing/drafting emails and when viewing or creating a calendar event.

This new integration with Office 365 allows users to add a TimeSolv Add-in within Office 365 to log time spent on emails directly from within the email tool. This helps users capture time for tasks that often go unreported. As well, these emails can be filed under client & matter-specific email folders, creating an organized system to access communication between a user and their client.

TimeSolv users can also create a time entry in TimeSolv from a calendar event in Office 365 using the TimeSolv Add-in. When Office 365 users create a calendar event, they’ll have the option to create a time entry associated with the client and matter of their choosing.

Users can also at any time, update an old or existing event to become a time entry in TimeSolv. The TimeSolv Office 365 Add-in means data created in the Office 365 platform can easily be synced over to TimeSolv, eliminating double-entry.

For more information on our Office 365 integration, see this article.

If you’d still like more help with understanding the Office 365 integration, please call us at 1.800.715.1284, email us at support@timesolv.com or schedule a FREE 30-minute support session.