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10 Situations when you’ll need more efficient legal billing software

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

6 min read

Choosing the best legal billing software out there will help your law firm achieve maximized profitability while ensuring client satisfaction. Whether you are using no program at all or using old legacy software, it is important to make that leap towards change if your suffering from a billing system failure. If you choose wisely you will find inexpensive cloud-based legal billing software that will not only make the conversion process seamless, but it will also help you boost your law firm towards amplified success by making the following situations easier for you.

  1. You need to see your firm’s performance in different areas –

You will never really understand how well your law office is performing if you don’t stop to review performance-based reports. Every successful business needs regular assessments on its strategy to promote growth and increase profits. Reporting helps you identify problem areas, and also let you know what is working well for you. TimeSolv offers 31 different report categories covering billable hours, accounts receivable, expenses, performance, and more.

  1. An approval system between senior and junior attorneys is needed –

Approval systems are an essential tool for ensuring quality control for clients. Legal billing software such as TimeSolv allows you to dictate rules of approval hierarchy for entries created by certain timekeepers. Reviewing your employees’ work can also serve as a dependable teaching method for reflecting your business’s standardization and internal process. This user-friendly and filtered method of ensuring your clients get the best from your employees means your business ultimately reaps the benefits of maintaining a high quality of service.

  1. You need to build trustworthy client-attorney relationships –

When you have positive client-attorney relationships, it will lead to repeat business and overall good marketing for your firm. That’s why it is essential you take these relationships seriously for the sake of your firm being successful. Clients will want to know the details of where your costly time is being spent when you are attending to them, and that’s where an intelligent legal billing system will help you map everything out for them.

  1. You need an online client portal for easy communication –

Lack of communication is one of the key complaints made against attorneys. It is understandably seen as poor customer service when calls and emails go unanswered. That’s why you need an efficient system in place to assist your communication with your clients. One of the tools legal billing software can offer is a client portal. When you are working on a matter for a client, the details will be up on the client portal (access of which you can customize) for clients to log in and view at any point in time. This reduces the number of calls and emails you get for simple status and progression inquiries, leaving you with more time to focus on your work.

  1. You need to easily accept online payments –

Client portals aren’t just great for communication, but here at TimeSolv, we’ve integrated with LawPay to help conduct payments faster. Online payments offered through efficient legal billing software will increase your cash flow through a timely and securely encrypted system.  We all know that getting paid faster is the main goal of most businesses. With TimeSolv, clients get a link right in their invoice email and can pay immediately, there’s no need for them to set up an account or log into anything.

  1. You need a quick and easy billing tool –

Billing is a lengthy and repetitive process that can exhaust your firm’s time and resources. Since it is a non-billable task, it also affects your cash flow. TimeSolv will not only help you get your bills out faster, but it is also a flexible, affordable and efficient legal billing and project management software that is worth the investment of being so user-friendly. With TimeSolv’s modern, efficient and well designed legal invoicing structure, your law firm can save valuable time and money in reducing the time spent billing services out to clients.

  1. You need to outsource legal billing –

When you are trying to lower the costs of legal services for your clients, you need to consider the option of hiring someone else to do your legal billing, and perhaps even do it better than before with a level of expertise in the field. To save on the expensive overhead of billing tasks, did you know you can outsource your legal billing to TimeSolv? Our one-of-a-kind TimeSolv Outsourced Legal Billing service is designed to provide a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for billing. You’ll not only be leveraging our staff, but you will also get the advantage of using our experienced knowledge and infrastructure, freeing your staff to run the business side of things.

  1. You need efficient time tracking tools –

Time is our most valuable resource. Any successful and productive person will understand that the value of time is just as important, if not more than the value of money, It is imperative that we use each minute of the day wisely. Unless we track our time, we will not understand the value of it. Time tracking maximizes profits, and through the right methods and tools that TimeSolv offers, you can create efficient time management within your business. Time tracking will promote efficient use of valuable time for all your employees, making your law office as resourceful and as successful as possible.

  1. You need to make employees accountable for productivity –

The previous points lead us to the accountability of employees. Promotion of efficient time management through the correct tools and robust reporting tools will hold employees more accountable for the accuracy of their time tracking while also providing your firm with a more comprehensive view of the productivity levels and goal achievements for each individual timekeeper. These resources will also translate details onto invoices for clients to be confident in their attorney’s being accountable for time spent on matters.

  1. You need robust project management tools –

It’s no news that Legal Project Management (LPM) increases efficiency for complex legal matters through a clear and well-structured plan with detailed task assignments and milestones. With LPM, law firms can even offer clients the convenience of fixed fee services while also promoting the matter’s profitability. LPM encompasses budgeting tools too, so you can complete delivery time for clients with an established budget. Clearly mapped out plans will mean your client knows what to expect and when which will lead to increased business through the gains of a happy client. Technology such as TimeSolv will help you get the most value from an LPM system, helping you meet your project management and billing goals.

Adequately choosing the correct legal billing software for your law office is a significant task. To learn more about all of the features TimeSolv has to offer please call 1.800.715.1284 or schedule a FREE 30-minute demo now!

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