Billable hours program

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

2 min read

It is important to understand that without an efficient and intuitive software in place, imprecise timekeeping is bound to happen. Legal billing and project management software is designed with the necessary tools to help ease administrative and non-billable time burdens on your law firm. You can track time with a start and stop clock, or you can enter in your hours manually. These programs usually come cloud-based with additional mobile access, and if you do your research you will even find something that works offline!

Mistakes happen when time is not immediately logged; that’s why you need to look into a billable hours program that offers the convenience of being available across all types of devices, is web-based and desktop based, and offers offline access. However, when an attorney bills out to clients for completing specific tasks, this requires management beyond just a clock feature. This is where billable hours programs offer comprehensive features to assist your business needs and help you flourish.

Time tracking apps often do not restrict themselves strictly to being a billable hours program, they are actually designed to go beyond providing merely the appropriate tools to keep track of your time. Going beyond just the time logging features, you can easily set up and manage an unlimited number of clients and matters, set up variable billing rates, keep track of your workload, supervise employees through an approval system, generate reports to monitor employees and monitor your firms progress, bill out invoices and receive payments, and create comprehensive project management plans. Not only that, legal billing software will more often than not include at least one free integration such as QuickBooks, LawPay, Dropbox etc.

It’s about time you started taking the money value of time seriously and stop wasting precious billable hours on disorganization and repetitive administrative tasks that can be avoided with the help of purchasing affordable software. Each time your employee sifts through multiple client and matter files and personal notes on specific matters or tasks, or even suffers from a short attention span, it’s all time wasted on non-billable work. Every business needs quality tools to increase productivity and efficiency, thereby increasing profits.

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