Cloud billing for lawyers

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

3 min read

Imagine running a web-based virtual law office. ‘Cloud-based’ means unremitting remote access to your data. There are innumerable ways in which remote access is useful for lawyers by having constant and secure access to important files and collaborative tasks. A large number of software companies offer software for lawyers that entail the appropriate tools on a secure online cloud-based platform, but there are significant differences between services and data security offered in these various software’s that have been developed specifically for the legal community. So what should you be looking for when considering which is the best legal billing software on the cloud allowing you to access your data from anywhere at any time?



First and foremost, while 24/7 access to your documents and data seems attractive, understandably you may be wary of confidential client and matter files needing a secure and encrypted environment when you think of going cloud-based.

At TimeSolv, we understand the sensitivity of your firm and client information. That’s why we use the latest security standards and techniques to safeguard your data. TimeSolv is hosted by a state-of-the-art data center provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and highly encrypted 256-bit SSL is used for data transmission between your browser and our data center.


Time tracking and billing

You need advanced time tracking and billing features to help reduce the amount of time you spend on non-billable tasks, thereby increasing your profitability. TimeSolv has dedicated our cloud-based app on creating the best tools to help your business succeed, as we understand that your valuable time equals money. That’s why we allow you to track time anywhere, any time, and even offline. And when all your time is logged onto the system where your client and matter files are saved, you can bill faster with great ease, and thereby get paid faster. We even incorporate LEDES billing into our billing options which makes sure you’re fully covered with your individual invoicing needs.

We offer flexible billing templates to make sure you adapt each invoice to the needs of each client, and you can send these out via email, mail, or we can send them out for you to save you further administrative time.


Client, matter, and document management

Being able to store client and matter details on a cloud-based platform means you can access this data at any given time, and you can even use searchable features through an organized online client data filing system. And having these documents online means you can even collaborate with your colleagues easily by sharing the same client and matter data under one platform. Managing documents online also provides you with unlimited storage as opposed to the natural disaster exposed office file storage space you may currently be using.


Project management and reports

Project management organization skills are important for the success of your firm.  Being able to set up specific tasks and milestones assigned to different timekeepers online also means you can easily enter time and expense entries against these project plans details through the software at hand. Cloud-based legal billing software assists you in efficiently managing these projects by providing you with the best tools to easily plan out and monitor project tasks. What’s more, after you complete all your legal tasks, log your time, and bill out to your clients, you can further monitor the performance of your overall business success through a list of comprehensive reporting tools.

To learn more about TimeSolv’s cloud billing app offering security, reliability, and ease of use as an all-inclusive cloud-based billing and project management solution, click here for a no-obligation free trial offer.

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