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Eight Automated Legal Billing Software Systems that Offer Invoice Templates

Written by Erika Winston

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As law firms take on the task of creating and sending invoices, they often rely on legal billing software tools for greater efficiency. The invoice template is one of those tools. Templates help law firms get their invoices completed in a manner that saves valuable time and resources.

Legal billing templates are designed to include many of the general details found on standard legal invoices. Lawyers can choose the template that best meets the needs of their practice and then easily customize it by adding or deleting details, such as logos or personalized messages.

With invoice templates, law firms no longer have to repeatedly create invoices from scratch, resulting in significant time and financial savings. This post will take a look at eight automated legal billing software systems that offer invoice templates options.


Bill4Time is a SaaS solution that helps law firms track hours and expenses. With their invoice templates, firm administrators can quickly create branded invoices. Their templates are fully customizable, allowing firms to add logos, company details, payment terms, late fees, and more.


CosmoLex is cloud-based legal practice management, billing, and accounting system. Their invoice templates can be customized with various firm details and options, including logos, task descriptions, and branding colors. Administrators can also add professional cover letters to individual invoices or as a group.


PracticePanther is a mobile-friendly legal software that helps law firms while working from anywhere. Its invoice template feature allows firms to create their own templates that can be used as needed. Once a default invoice is added to the software, administrators can either create brand new invoices or edit the default options for additional customization. According to the PracticePanther website, their multiple template feature is available through their higher tier business plan.


Clio offers a suite of law firm administration tools designed to assist lawyers from intake to invoice. With their Bill Themes feature, law firms can choose from a variety of theme options with a various color and design options. Lawyers can then select from a list of bill sections, such as headers, matters, interest, and client information. Any of these sections can be customized with a specific firm or client data to create professional invoices.


AbacusLaw is a fully integrated legal case management system for law firms of all sizes. The software allows attorneys to automatically generate templated invoices that work for any fee arrangement or billing schedule. With AbacusLaw, law firms can customize invoices templates to their specific needs and configurations.


TimeSolv is the #1 work from home time billing and invoicing software for law firms, designed to provide legal professionals with a comprehensive and user-friendly legal billing and management solution. Their flexible invoice templates include numerous capabilities, such as LEDES billing and automatic tax calculations. Firms can also add customized narratives and easily apply client-specific discounts to TimeSolv invoice templates.


SmokeBall is a cloud-based legal productivity software designed for PCs. Its billing capacity includes invoice templates that are easy for clients to read and easy for firm administrators to customize. With a variety of template options, SmokeBall improves efficiency for firm users, billers, and bookkeepers.

BQE Core

BQR Core provides integrated project management, billing, reporting, and accounting software for a variety of professional industries, including legal professionals. Its system includes various invoice templates that lawyers can choose from based on the billing contract and type of matter. These default invoice templates include split invoices, hourly billing, and fixed fee options.


Invoice Templates Save Law Firms Time and Money

Invoice templates help streamline the legal billing process by providing general billing outlines for law firms to build upon. While many legal software systems offer invoice templates, there are differences that make some systems stand out among the crowd.

When evaluating the invoice template features offered by various legal billing software systems, law firm members need to consider:

  • The number and variety of template options offered
  • How quickly and easily templates can be customized
  • Additional costs for invoice templates
  • Additional features like LEDES billing, spilt invoicing, and tax calculations

Every minute that a lawyer spends on invoicing is a minute not being spent on a billable task. That’s why it’s so important for law firms to secure tools like invoice templates that help them create professional invoices quickly and easily.

To learn more about invoicing options offered by TimeSolv legal billing software, click this website link for a free trial offer.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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