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How virtual paralegals can increase profitability using TimeSolv Legal

Written by Erika Winston

5 min read

With the growing mobility of legal practice, an increasing number of attorneys are recognizing the value that virtual paralegals can bring to their legal practices. As a virtual paralegal, you provide extremely valuable services to your attorney clients. You may perform case-related tasks, while also handling the extremely important task of client invoicing.

If this accurately describes your job duties, you need tips and resources that help you adequately perform and provide your attorneys with the best legal possible services. TimeSolv is one of the resources that every virtual paralegal should know about and use. It’s legal billing platform provides all the features you need to increase profitability for yourself and maybe even the contracting law firm.

This post will explore some of the TimeSolv features that can help you thrive as a virtual paralegal.  


Time Tracking

TimeSolv’s time tracking feature allows you to quickly and easily track all the time you spend working on attorney matters. With its easy access and user-friendly application, you can track time as soon as you complete various tasks instead of waiting until the end of the day – or even worse – the end of the billing period.

You know how important it is to accurately track time when working with a law firm. You also know that it can be a tedious task, taking way too much time and effort. TimeSolv helps you get your time tracking done so you can provide complete and accurate records.



TimeSolv offers 31 different reports covering everything from billable hours and account receivables to expenses and performances. With these reporting capabilities, you can help your attorney clients keep a keen eye on their law firm performance to identify problems, as well as potential opportunities.

Your attorneys will appreciate your proactive measures and thorough reporting capabilities. TimeSolv provides you with a simple interface that helps you keep your attorney clients on top of their business performance. Their insightful reports can be viewed and shared in 10 formats, including PDF, Excel, and Word.



This is one of the main benefits of TimeSolv. Their billing system allows you to get your law firm bills out faster with flexible templates that simplify the billing process. From LEDES billing and automatic tax calculations to custom narratives and easy-to-apply discounts, TimeSolv provides the features you need to take care of billing in the most efficient manner possible. With this tool in your arsenal, you can handle billing in a much more time-efficient manner that both you and your attorney-client will appreciate. 


Document Management

With a comprehensive document management feature, TimeSolv helps you keep your client attorney’s documents organized within a secure cloud environment. You can attach documents to projects and matters for increased orderliness. You can even use tags and folders to keep documents organized and improve interactions between yourself and the law firm. TImeSolv also allows you to maintain numerous document versions so you and the attorney can easily see who has edited documents and differentiate between various versions.


Expense Tracking

TimeSolv’s expense tracking feature helps you keep business expenses organized, accessible, and comprehensible. As a legal professional, you should not have to pay for the expenses you incur on behalf of your attorney-client. With the expense tracking feature, you can quickly enter your expenses, even when you’re away from an internet connection.


Project Management

With TImeSolv’s project management features, you can increase your own business profitability with a tool that allows you to effectively handle numerous projects and matters at once. This is particularly valuable for virtual paralegals who choose to work with more than one law firm.

With comprehensive project management time tracking software, you can easily keep up with all that you need to do, so you stay on schedule. You can use the platform to break projects down by task and easily monitor progress along the way, with time and billed hour limits to keep you on budget. 



With extensive integration capabilities, you can benefit from quick and easy options to sync your data with various platforms, including:

  • Quickbooks
  • Xero Accounting
  • Dropbox
  • Net Documents
  • Dropbox

These system integrations result in significant cost savings and enhanced business productivity for your virtual paralegal business.



The TimeSolv mobile app gives virtual paralegals the ability to track tasks and expenses from virtually anywhere. With a built-in timer, the app is a perfect tool for your flexible work schedule. You can easily track everything from phone calls to document creation whether you have an internet connection or not. Available for iOS and Android, the TimeSolv mobile app keeps you working and billing for maximum profitability.



When attorneys consider your services, they want reassurance that their client data and firm information will be in safe and secure hands. You can calm these fears by sharing the state-of-the-art security provisions provided by TimeSolv’s legal billing software.

Hosted by an Amazon Web Services (AWS) data center, TimeSolv’s platform is highly encrypted with a 256-bit SSL used for data transmission between your browser and their data center. AWS maintains SSAE-16 (formerly SAS 70) compliance with Service Organization Control (SOC) comprising SOC 1, SOC 2, and SOC 3 compliance reports, as well as being ISO 9001 certified.

With the addition of their PCI DSS compliance, you can confidently assert that your attorney client’s data will be protected and secure. Attorneys demand reliability, so TimeSolv maintains an agile development environment that provides almost 100% uptime. By demonstrating your ability to keep law firm data safe and secure, you can attract more work from attorneys.

As a virtual paralegal, TimeSolv provides you with the tools you need to increase profitability and build your business. To find out more about the TimeSolv features that can help your paralegal business, click here to take advantage of a no-obligation free trial.

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