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Is Your Law Firm Embracing Legal Tech During COVID-19?

Written by Erika Winston

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The legal tech industry has experienced a significant boom over the last decade, with lawyers increasingly recognizing the value of innovation and modernized processes. Firms that embraced these technologies faced the unexpected demands of COVID-19 armed with necessary technologies and tools. Firms that resisted this movement found themselves disturbingly ill-prepared for the pandemic.

Whether your firm falls on the prepared end of the spectrum or you’re searching for the right legal tech tools, this is the perfect time to examine your current use of technology and whether it’s being used most effectively.

This post will take a look at legal tech in the age of COVID-19 and provide you with tips to keep your firm up to date and successfully using technology.


Virtual Court Proceedings

COVID-19 saw the legal industry embrace technology at a lightning speed. Social distancing orders necessitated a quick change to the world of virtual work environments and courts in many jurisdictions quickly fell in line. Seemingly overnight, courts modernized litigation by implementing alternative procedures for the continued administration of justice.

These swift changes forced attorneys to use available technologies in ways that they may not have done before. For example, some courts began allowing electronic signatures for court documents. To comply, law firms need the technology to collect electronic signatures in a safe and authentic manner.

Some courts also began using virtual meeting software to handle less serious cases. From Skype hearings to Zoom settlement conferences, law firms in these jurisdictions need the right technologies to keep up with court appearances and client matters.


Digital Documentation

Digital documentation gained significant ground prior to COVID-19, but in the age of social distancing, digital capabilities have become absolutely necessary. Not only are courts more readily accepting digital documents for e-filing purposes, but some practice area norms are also changing to make digital documents more acceptable and widespread.

Though many law firms have been forced to close their physical doors temporarily, client work must still be completed. With digital documentation, law firms can still create, share, and review a variety of documents, including:

  • Contracts
  • Settlement agreements
  • Pleadings
  • Discovery
  • Regulatory forms
  • Estate planning documents
  • Corporate policies

When using digital document technology, law firms also need a process for storing these documents electronically for efficient organization, security, and sharing. Cloud storage tech offers a tool for attorneys to securely store digital documents while providing credentialed individuals the ability to remotely access them as needed.

TimeSolv legal billing software offers a document management system that safely stores documents in a virtual environment. The software helps attorneys stay organized with tags and folders, along with project attachments. With convenient document descriptions and a quick view feature, firm members can quickly preview documents before downloading them. Members can also create and store multiple versions of documents with descriptions of changes made.


Video and Teleconferencing

Along with court appearances, law firms are also using video and teleconferencing to communicate within the firm, as well as with clients. Law firms must keep serving clients in order to survive COVID-19, which requires communication and collaboration within the firm. Attorneys and support staff need the necessary tools to work together on matters, as well as administrative tasks. With everyone working from home, conferencing technologies become essential.

The same is true for client relations. While telephone calls and emails may prove effective in some circumstances, to stay viable, law firms must implement tools that facilitate face-to-face meetings with clients. These technologies help clients feel comfortable and assured that their matters are still being addressed during the pandemic.


Case Management

In a virtual law firm environment, effective case management can mean the difference between satisfied clients and bar complaints. Firm members need appropriate tech tools for maintaining communication with clients, keeping abreast of appointments and deadlines, and collaborating with one another. Legal case management software can help law firms manage all of these responsibilities in an efficient manner by assisting with cases, contacts, calendars, and documents.

Legal Project Management (LPM) also promotes efficient case management. By taking a proactive look at cases, firm members can identify the individual tasks involved in a case and better manage the matter process. They can also work together in teams to efficiently deliver legal services on time and within established budgets.

Successful LPM is all about the right legal technology. TimeSolv legal billing software offers LPM tools that provide project managers with the ability to be flexible and organized while ensuring the completion of all matter tasks in the midst of a global pandemic.


Time Tracking and Invoicing

Inadequate time tracking and billing procedures result in unpaid invoices, which can be detrimental to law firms during COVID-19. The right billing software is essential for law firms experiencing problems with nonpayment.

TimeSolv’s legal time tracking software offers the mobility law firms need to traverse COVID-19. The mobile application promotes timely and accurate time tracking, making it simple and accessible from virtually anywhere in the world. Wherever timekeepers choose to work, they can consistently keep track of their time.

Law firm billing also becomes less burdensome during COVID19 with right the technology in place. TimeSolv provides a streamlined process for the creation and delivery of invoices. Even when working from home, staff can quickly create invoices and provide them to clients electronically.


Legal Tech in the Age of COVID-19

Embracing legal technology is no longer an option for law firms. In the age of COVID-19, it is a necessity. If you are not utilizing tech to assist your law firm trough this pandemic, it is past time to take a look at what the market has to offer and secure the tools that your firm needs. TimeSolv offers a free, no-obligation trial to help you explore all the ways their software can assist your firm. Click this website link to learn more.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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