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Law Firm Case Study

Written by TimeSolv Support

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I am a HUGE fan of TimeSolv.  I am just a user, not an owner or creator, so my comments are just as a consumer.  I do not use WorkSolv, but may take a look.  I used Timeslips for years and never liked it, thought it was too complicated and required far too much tech support for small problems.  We switched to a product called TimeManager, written by folks who used to work at Timeslips.  Great product, but not cloud based and still required a fair amount of tech support for small problems.

Then, I fell in love.  I found TimeSolv just by searching around for the best cloud based applications.  I found Rocket Matter and Clio, both looked lovely and are great programs, but when I found TimeSolv, it was love at first sight (or site).  First of all, it does anything and everything you will need in a time and billing program, regardless of how complicated your billing structures are.  WE have hourly clients, retainer clients, flat fee clients and a few other combinations, and TimeSolv handles each with ease.  The interface is quite simple and easy to use and if you make errors in entry or payment recording, it is very easy to correct.  And, did I mention, it is about half the price of Rocket Matter and Clio and other cloud solutions.  Moreover, the support is amazing, instant and always a person.

I have recommended TimeSolv on this list before and have recommended to many friends who also love it.  My law partner is not a techie by any stretch–that is an understatement–and she loves TimeSolv and has gone into its guts to redesign billing formats.  It’s that easy to use.  You can access it by iPhone, iPad, any computer, anywhere.  Try it out.  You won’t be sorry.

Howard Lenow
Lenow & McCarthy
Wayland, MA


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