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Mac friendly replacement for Timeslips

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

3 min read

It can be a headache having to deal with stubborn PC-only programs such as Sage’s Timeslips. When you switch devices you don’t want to learn that you cannot keep using the same apps you were using with your previous choice of device. There can be a need for a particular type of application that may be available on Windows, but rest assured there are Mac alternatives that you may find to be an enhanced version of your previous choice of software. Macs are business-friendly machines and here at TimeSolv, we understand that attorneys don’t want to spend their valuable time looking into getting technology to adapt to their personal needs in helping to get the best service across to serve clients; that’s why TimeSolv can be used across both PC and Mac devices.

If you’ve recently switched from a PC to a Mac and need a Mac-friendly alternative to Sage’s Timeslips, TimeSolv offers an incredibly well designed legal billing and project management structure for your law firm to save time and money with. Migrating to a cloud-based solution from old legacy software is in itself beneficial for the progress of your firm’s use of technology in doing business with clients. To put it simply, cloud-based computing is working on the internet. Cloud computing is quickly becoming the norm for the way we work and serve our clients. Why? Because compared to software’s downloaded on a physical computer or server, it is far more efficient, productive, and enables quicker cash flow through the unlimited benefits of using the internet for business and communication with clients.

TimeSolv has several beneficial and unmatched features, which includes faster and more capable invoice generating than Timeslips. Let’s take a look at all the different features TimeSolv has to offer to help your business progress and grow economically:

  • Time Tracking – track time from anywhere, anytime, and device. You can use PC, Mac, iPhone, Android, or tablets.
  • Expense Tracking – you can access expenses from anywhere and reap the benefits of ridding paper bills and receipts, and Excel spreadsheets.
  • Invoicing – we offer flexible billing templates and numerous delivery methods including email, regular mail, or an auto-mail service where we deliver them for you. We even offer LEDES billing.
  • Payments – You can get paid faster with our Client Portal integrated with LawPay. Alternatively, you can key in all payments and specify types of payment received.
  • Budgeting – Our project management tools means you can calculate profit and ensure growth annually.
  • Document Management – we provide document storage in a secure cloud environment. You can attach these files to projects and matters and keep everything organized by creating tags and folders.
  • Reporting – Keep on top of your business’ performance by finding powerful information every time you access our reports feature, which can be viewed and shared in ten different formats.
  • Project Management – we have a comprehensive project management software to help keep on budget and schedule. These projects can be broken down by tasks.
  • Integrations – we have several integrations to help your workflow and to adapt to your business needs. We integrate with QuickBooks, LawPay, Dropbox, NetDocs, and AccountEdge.
  • Data conversion – we have an industry-leading process to convert all historical data from any legacy-based system and move it to TimeSolv.
  • Mobile App – we provide a mobile app so you can track time and expenses from anywhere and everywhere.

TimeSolv has a proven converter tool so move your data with confidence when migrating from Timeslips. We have a proven process that is accurate for all past billing and timekeeping data you have. TimeSolv is the best clean and functional user interface that matches your user experience on a Mac device. Sign up here for a free trial now.


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