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Never Lose Track of Billable Hours with these 10 Time Tracking Software Options

Written by Erika Winston

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Time tracking is a must for any successful legal practice. Billable hours provide a basis for compensation, while also helping law firms gauge productivity and promote profitability. To accurately keep track of billable hours, lawyers need tools that handle the job quickly and conveniently. Below are 10 popular time tracking options to help legal professionals account for all of their billable time.


Option # 1 RocketMatter

RocketMatter is a cloud-based legal practice management platform that offers time tracking tools. Their mobile application includes optimized time and expense capture screens for efficiency. Using the software’s multiple timers, users can quickly track tasks, even as they switch from matter to matter. With capabilities to handle up to 100 users, RocketMatter is designed for solo, small, and midsized firms.


Option #2 MyCase

MyCase is another case management software that includes time tracking capabilities. The application allows lawyers to track time by recording their work in real-time. Tasks can be tracked using the software’s three built-in timers. Users can pause and restart the different timers as they move between daily activities or when interruptions occur. They can also manually record time after the task has been completed.

The MyCase software also includes a Smart Time Finder to help lawyers optimize billable hours. By passively tracking activity in MyCase, the program identifies billable actions that don’t have a time entry. It then summarizes the results and provides a simple way to add a time entry.


Option #3 Smokeball

Smokeball is cloud-based legal productivity software that automatically tracks law firm activity. Tasks completed within Smokeball, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Outlook are automatically timed, tracked, and connected with the appropriate file. Users do not have to start and stop multiple timers to track tasks. Whether law firm use hourly billing, flat fees, or contingency arrangements, Smokeball’s automatic time-tracking software helps promote accuracy and efficiency.


Option #4 Zola Suite

Zola Suite users can choose from several time tracking methods. The software offers the ability to run multiple timers, using auto-pause when moving between matters. With Zola Suite’s iOS and Android apps, users can also automatically create time entries when handling such tasks as drafting emails and taking client phone calls.


Option #5 Bill4Time

Bill4time is a time tracking software designed to meet the needs of many industries, so it’s used by a variety of professionals from engineers and architects to business consultants and attorneys. With Bill4Time, timekeepers can run multiple timers at once to accurately capture every minute whether working from the office or remotely.


Option #6 Time59

Time59 is a time tracking software that can be accessed through a web browser or mobile device. With its companion application, multiple timekeepers can use the Start/Stop timer to track time at their specific hourly rate. The single username can be shared with an unlimited number of people, so multiple users can be logged in simultaneously and see all time entered into the platform.


Option #7 iTimeKeep

The iTimeKeep time tracking app offers lawyers two options for use. Timekeepers can choose between a no-cost “stand-alone” time recording function, or invest in the Bellefield Connect system for integration with their firm’s billing or matter-management software. With the iTimeKeep application, users can record their time as they perform tasks or manually enter time once tasks are completed. iTimeKeep integrates with many legal billing software packages for simplified invoicing.


Option #8 Hours Tracker

Hours Tracker is a time tracking application with advanced features and customization options like location awareness and time budgeting alerts. Timekeepers can choose the timeclock style of time tracking or record their time after the fact.

Each time a user activates the timer and “clocks out,” a new entry is created in the software. With the location awareness feature, lawyers can automatically create a new time entry whenever they leave the office, and they can add relevant details later.


Option #9 TimeWerks Pro

Timewerks Pro allows attorneys to track time and expenses across multiple client accounts. Users can record time-based on the direct input of hours or take advantage of the built-in stopwatch. With the ability to customize different billable rates for different clients, Timewerks Pro offers law firms a convenient timekeeping system.

Additional subscription options allow users to sync their time entries via the company website. However, if no network connection is available, the software will store tracked time data on the device until internet service becomes available.


Option #10 TimeSolv

TimeSolv’s legal billing software includes comprehensive time tracking capabilities. Their time tracking software is designed for the way modern attorneys work — from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Users can effortlessly switch between a PC, Mac, iPhone or Android smartphone, or tablet. Even when offline, attorneys can run multiple timers to simultaneously track several tasks.

TImeSolv’s time tracking capabilities also include customized abbreviation options that allow users to create a uniform language for the entire firm. This feature saves users time when making entries. It also helps firms stay on budget by creating limits on hours billed for tasks. Firms can also automatically sync all tracked time and quickly review the number of hours billed by day, week, and month.


Law Firms Need Effective Time Tracking Software Options

To effectively track billable and nonbillable time, law firms need effective time tracking software. These 10 options can help users quickly and easily track all of their tasks for efficient invoicing. To learn more about TimeSolv, click here for a free, no-obligation trial.

About Erika Winston:

Erika Winston is a freelance writer with a passion for law. Through her business, Personal Touch Edits, she helps legal professionals deliver effective written messages. Erika is a regular contributor to TimeSolv and a variety of other publications. 

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