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Written by Branden Wawrzyniak

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As personal injury lawyers seek methods for growing and improving their firms, they may consider legal software like PC Law and TimeSolv. This post will take a look at each of these legal software options to compare their offerings and explore what they can offer to personal injury law firms.

The Basics of PC Law and TimeSolv

PCLaw offers personal injury law firms an all-in-one practice management tool that includes features to assist with trust accounting, client communications, and case and matter management. As stated on the company’s website, PC Law also assists with tracking billable time and managing billing and accounting tasks as a legal software solution that makes “the business of law more manageable with easy-to-use, intuitive tools that support your law firm’s performance and your personal success.”

TimeSolv has been providing personal injury law firms with the best web-based billing solution for more than two decades. Ranked as the #1 legal billing software for usability, its comprehensive system includes practice management tools, billing features, document management, and online payment processing.. In addition, the web-based nature of the software means that it can be accessed from any device and on any browser, creating the flexibility that personal injury attorneys need today.

But while PC Law and TimeSolv may appear similar on the surface, there are notable differences. It’s the innovative and thoughtful extras that make a legal software option stand out, so let’s dig a little deeper.

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Going Beyond the Basics

To truly compare the offerings of PCLaw with those of TimeSolv, it is useful to consider specific features that go above and beyond the basics of practice management and legal billing. Consider the following:

  • Mobile Application – With mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices, TimeSolv helps personal injury law firms provide services in a mobile environment. With firm members commonly working from various locations, they need the ability to track time and expenses from wherever they choose to work. Using TimeSolv’s mobile app, users can easily keep track of billable time from virtually anywhere in the world.
  • Innovative Expense Tracking and Receipt Management – Expense tracking tools help law firms ensure that every business expense is organized, accessible, and comprehensible. PC Law helps users track soft costs with its separate Hard and Soft Cost feature. With TimeSolv’s receipt attachment feature, users can attach pictures of expense receipts to a client’s matter file, while also providing receipt images to clients as part of their invoices.
  • Credit Card Payment Processing – This is one of TImeSolv’s most groundbreaking legal billing features. TimeSolvPay is an end-to-end credit card processing system that helps law firms improve collection rates and increase revenue. Using the credit card and ACH processing feature means that attorneys can spend more time practicing law and less time chasing client payments. With TimeSolvPay, personal injury firms can securely accept both credit card and ACH payments online or in-person, using highly secure technology. Firms can also choose to store client credit cards or ACH information for batch billing, which is the ability to run hundreds of payments with one click. This unique feature addresses common personal injury law firm cash flow concerns while also offering clients a convenient method of making payments.  TimeSolv meets a vital legal billing need without the expensive monthly fees and hidden costs of most credit card payment services.
  • Usability To take full advantage of legal software benefits, firm attorneys and staff must be able to actually put it into practice. This is another area where TimeSolv really shines. According to findings from G2Crowd, a third-party independent review site, TimeSolv’s overall user satisfaction rating ranked about 12 percentage points higher than that of PCLaw. That trend persists when considering specific aspects of user satisfaction with TimeSolv ranking 14 percentage points higher for ease of use, 17 percentage points higher for administration, and 15 percentage points higher for quality of support.

TimeSolv is the Best Choice for Personal Injury Legal Software

A look at TimeSolv’s user reviews reveals user satisfaction with various aspects of the software. From accolades about its user-friendly platform to words of appreciation for its excellent customer support, TimeSolv consistently ranks high in user satisfaction. Here is what one user said about TimeSolv’s streamlined time tracking and invoicing:

“Each person is assigned to their own profile and can enter their hours anywhere and anytime. It is also very easy to generate invoices and send invoices. Our firm has used this program for about ten years and loved it.”

Another user felt compelled to comment on TimeSolv’s mobile application offering, stating:         

“I love that you can enter time from the application which makes it easy to record time when I am away for a meeting or traveling for a client.”

With a budget-friendly price tag, countless customization options, and the highest levels of security and reliability, TimeSolv has earned a place at the top of the legal software industry.

If you are looking for the best software solution for your personal injury firm’s legal software needs, click here to signup for a free 30-day trial.

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