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TimeSolv’s unique customer service featured on Insight on Business the News Hour radio show

Written by Scott Clasen

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One of the things we try to do at TimeSolv is give an exemplary level of customer service to our clients. We know billing and timekeeping is probably the least fun part of their job, so we strive to always provide the customer service that will build loyalty and trust. It’s one of the reasons that our support staff and account managers here actually came from the legal billing world. They’ve literally walked in the same shoes as our customers. Our staff also provides outsourced legal billing services for some firms, meaning they’re working in TimeSolv just as our customers are, which in turn helps them provide better support.

Michael LibbieWith all that in mind, I was delighted when I got a phone call last week from Michael Libbie with Insight Advertising, Marketing & Communications. He runs his agency in the Des Moines, Iowa area and also produces a daily hour-long business news radio show that’s broadcast locally and distributed nationally via podcast. Michael started using TimeSolv earlier this year and had such a positive and unique experience with our on-boarding and customer service that he wanted to talk to me more about our philosophy at TimeSolv.

Here are some quotes from Michael from our interview that helps drive home the point of what TimeSolv is trying to do to make firms and businesses more efficient and earn more profits.

Billing and Timekeeping are not fun parts of the job

I was just having a cup of coffee with one of our graphic designers and we were sitting there talking and she was having a real tough time. She’s a freelance graphic designer and what she does is she says you know I hate billing day, I hate it with a passion. My passion is about designing cool-looking graphics and making things work really well for my clients, not to sit around and worry about billing and time.

Does that sound familiar? Whether you’re a lawyer, an accountant, a free-lancer or anyone who bills clients based on projects or time, billing is probably the least fun part of that experience.

Client-Server systems are expensive and can fail

We had had a long time relationship with a with a software company that ships you disks and you get the disks after you put it in your computer and then you have it in your computer. But in our case about five months ago when our computer just went poof gone so too did all of our documentation all of our stuff that we had been putting in there. And of course then we called the software company and they said oh, oh that version we don’t support that anymore you’re going to have to buy something new. It’s going to cost you X amount of dollars and it was astronomical.
We really were impressed about the fact TimeSolv is cloud-based. And so it’s not software that you have to buy consistently and not software that you have to update all the time, it updates itself.

Many businesses have the perception that they will save money in the long run by simply buying software outright and installing on their computers and servers. They feel paying a monthly subscription adds up to paying too much. But what a lot of people don’t do is add in the costs to purchasing servers, the cost to maintain those servers and keeping them up to date as well as additional upgrade purchases and many times extra money to pay to get support help. And all of that still doesn’t guarantee the data won’t disappear if the computer crashes permanently. WE also haven’t even calculated the time cost in dealing with those IT issues instead of doing the work you want to do. With TimeSolv, paying the monthly subscription gets you free support for life, upgrades that are automatice and data that is backed up with state-of-the-art systems.

Customer service beyond the norm

So I pick up the phone and I call the 800 number for TimeSolv and a real live human being answers the phone which I thought was astounding.  And then we go through the whole arrangement and we are done within 30 minutes, it was seamless.
And then my first month of billing I got into trouble because it was a new way of billing something and I had to call customer support and I didn’t get somebody from Bangladesh. I happened to get somebody from West Virginia. Stunning stunning customer service sir. And I have to tell you I’m a busy guy but I spent 45 minutes to an hour with her on the phone after we got the thing solved. Talking about her family and her kids, her husband and where she lives and how she works and where she came from. Wow. And nothing was hurried you know.

TimeSolv’s mission is to become an extension of your business. It’s why our support team come with billing backgrounds, so you can rely on us when it comes to billing efficiently and correctly.

I was proud to represent TimeSolv on this interview and listen to Michael’s story and we hope every single TimeSolv customer has the same experience and can tell the same story.

Listen the full interview below.

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