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Top 5 software programs for small law offices

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

3 min read

Technology is disrupting the legal practice industry, and the most successful of those in the legal industry are the early adopters of technology. Trying to whittle down through a long list of the best legal billing software can be a daunting task. To help you choose the most beneficial software programs for your law firm, you need to identify the specifics of your firm’s individual needs. Break down your requirements and refine the list to the must-have features.

Law firm clients are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, and that’s why there is an increasing demand for law firms to move with the modern times and stay on top of technological advances. To give your clients the best service in all areas of your practice, you need to know the right software to help you succeed. With the right software, you can compete against larger law practices by increasing your efficiency and time-saving work practices; allow the right technology to help your business flourish.

So what types of software do you need to help you thrive? Let’s take a look at the 5 basic tools every lawyer needs to function and triumph:

  1. Timekeeping software – convenient time capture is a foremost basic that goes hand in hand with legal billing. You need a fool proof accurate tool that allows you to track time both online and offline, so it is easily accessible at any point in time. Preferably, choose a software that will then use this time capture tool to prefill its data into billing forms, and to produce robust performance reports.
  2. Billing & accounting software – you need to be able to draft your bills before sending them out, so you can easily edit and make corrections to avoid any client disputes over bills. Often software will incorporate LEDES invoicing and Trust accounting. If you use other accounting software such as QuickBooks for logging your finances, you can find software’s that integrate with QuickBooks.
  3. Comprehensive project management software – depending on your firm’s individual needs, you can choose from a wide variety of platforms for helping manage your cases. Basic project management features include creating task lists, adding due dates, and assigning them to matters and timekeepers (lawyers).
  4. Client portal software – to provide a modern and secure service of communication for your clients you can offer a designated client portal to allow your clients to access matter related details online through a secure platform, while also being able to accept payments through this portal. A client portal will allow instant access at all times, and reduce the communication time with clients by reducing the amount if incoming case progress related questions.
  5. Document management software – legal documents are regularly created and stored. With the benefit of accessing internet from anywhere in the world, why not move your documents to a cloud-based software library. Some software platforms even allow you to create document automation through document templates to further save you administrative time and ensure consistency.

Running a law firm on technology does not need to be complicated. There are software’s out there that comprehensively include all of the 5 above software features under 1 platform. This would also save you subscription money by only subscribing to one single software that is all-inclusive of all these features. TimeSolv offers an affordable subscription service and includes many more features beyond the list of the above. All these features will make things easier for your business, and increase your productivity and efficiency.

Here at TimeSolv, we are here to help you achieve success in your business. Sign up here for a 30-day free trial to witness all the ways in which we can help you.

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