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What does the new Timeslips 2019 mean for you?

Written by Maleeha Ahmad

3 min read

Maybe it’s time to stop trying to repair a leaky boat and just buy a new boat

Sage Software is releasing its latest version of Timeslips Billing Software. What does this mean for users of the older software? When you’re familiar with the functions of a program, it can be disconcerting to have to learn all the updated changes and new layouts. It can also mean your old version will eventually not be supported anymore.


Loss of support for the current version

As of July 21, 2018, support will only be available to Timeslips 2018, 2019 and Premium members. A software upgrade means a replacement of current software for an upgraded version, pretty much making the previous versions redundant for any concerns from the company, as any issues faced will be simply answered with ‘you need an upgrade!’ Sage also charges for software support and has made it clear they want all users on the most upgraded versions of their product.

Software costs fluctuate between product versions, and meanwhile the upgrade may look funny, things may have moved around to where you can’t find them, and when software is upgraded there’s no guarantee that the upgrade is reliable without any negative experiences and glitches if the new software hasn’t been trialed extensively. And do you really have the time to sit and wait for user feedback to check if there are any bugs that still need to be ironed out?


Expensive upgrade and time wasted on upgrading

An upgrade means more money spent on the software. So not only have you lost support for the older version you are currently using, but in order to upgrade you need to spend some money. This is a frustrating and unfair disadvantage for users who have already paid for the software and are faced with the company choosing to release expensive new upgrades that may result in a big bill for your business when you need to make a bulk purchase. You also need to keep in mind the IT costs of upgrading your servers and database that are above and beyond simply paying for the upgraded software.

New upgrades do not necessarily mean better, sometimes it can be quite the opposite with complex issues arising. Even if you are familiar with a kind of software, upgrading might not necessarily be the most productive and economical decision.

As a Timeslips user, you should be asking yourself, should I keep plugging a leaky boat or just get a new boat. For Tom Kirkendall in Houston, Texas, he tried for years to just keep plugging the Timeslips leaks. “I held off switching to TimeSolv for a long time because I was familiar and comfortable with Timeslips, although I was not enthralled with it. I wish I had made the switch years ago. Complacency with an inferior product often delays progress.”

When it comes down to productivity, you want the process to be as painless and efficient for your employees as possible. To avoid problems, it is best to do some research before going ahead with the software upgrade if you have to spend money to upgrade, and possibly go through training to learn all the new features. You may find better value for money elsewhere in this market. And if you’re worried about your data, TimeSolv Legal Billing Software offers data migration services that have been tested and proven successful for old legacy software such as Timeslips.

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