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Freedom from Timeslips starts now

Written by Scott Clasen

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Many law firms who use Timeslips for their billing and timekeeping love the idea of moving to the cloud. They know that cloud security is rock-solid and are fully ready to embrace the power and flexibility of using software like TimeSolv to enter time anywhere and any time from any device. They know they can send batch invoices quickly and easily and get paid faster with our Client Portal and integration with LawPay. Not to mention the gain in billable hours because of the easier ability to capture time and spend less time working on billing. We could go on and on with all the benefits!

Yet a lot of firms still haven’t made the move from their clunky old client-server Timeslips software that they curse at every month when it’s time to generate bills. It’s like they’re being held hostage by their billing and timekeeping system. What’s the deal?

Two words. Historical data.

How do you move years, sometimes decades, of historical time and billing data from an archaic database into a sleek, modern system like TimeSolv?

Taking a Snapshot

The solution for many SaaS (Software as a Service) vendors has been taking a “snapshot” of client data. The big drawback there is you’ll never be able to view specific old invoices or time entries for clients. Not ideal.

Until recently that was the only solution for TimeSolv too.

Auto-Migration of Historical Data has Arrived

TimeSolv has developed a method and process to auto-migrate historical data from Timeslips to TimeSolv. Many firms have already shrugged off the Timeslips chains and are breathing the fresh air of online billing and timekeeping for the first time.

“The initial thought in migrating our data from Timeslips was that it was going to be really overwhelming,” says Tammy Walls of Wagonheim Law in Maryland. “But TimeSolv walked me through and made what was a difficult task very simple.”

For Kimberly Porter at Key Harrington Barnes, a 12-person employment law firm based in Dallas, there was the initial reluctance to leave Timeslips for similar reasons. “Migrating 13 years of Timeslips data was one of the major concerns of the partners. TimeSolv made it easy to convert because we developed a plan. So there was a process to the migration that I felt was very efficient and very thorough,” states Porter.

Combining the first in class features of TimeSolv with the ability to keep all historical data makes the decision easy for Timeslips law firms. What is your firm waiting for?

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