New improvements to TimeSolv
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New improvements to TimeSolv

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New improvements to TimeSolv to help you perform your work more efficiently.

1- Create invoices by Responsible Professional

Not only can you view draft and sent invoices by responsible professional, you can now create new draft invoices by selecting one or more of them. Use the feature by clicking on Create For dropdown on the Create Draft Invoices screen.

2- Reallocate Payments

Instead of requiring you to void a payment if you made a mistake in allocations, you can now click on Reallocate link to update allocations.

3- Revenue and Commissions Report – previously paid expenses

If payments were applied to an invoice prior to the selected payment period, now the revenue report does account for expenses paid via prior payments and does not subtract the paid expenses during the current period. For users running revenue and commissions report by payment date or allocation date, this provides more accurate results for shorter periods of time in case multiple payments were made on an invoice. Additional columns have also been added to show previously collected payments and payments collected during the current report period.

4- LawPay and Client Portal

We will shortly be launching the client portal and integration with LawPay for getting paid via credit cards and ACH. You will be able to include payment link within the emailed invoices to enable your clients to pay an invoice online. Contact us for more information.

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